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Our world is full of breath-taking and awe-inspiring natural wonders. It’s probably the magnificence of nature that has inspired people for centuries now. From the Mount Everest in Nepal, the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Grand Canyon in the US, to the Yoho National Park in Canada, the Lonar Crater Lake in India and many more, we are truly in awe of nature and can’t help but share some of the wonders of nature that has left us awe-struck. We recently shared some interesting facts and stunning photos of the Mount Everest, and now, it’s the one of a kind rocks called The Wave, located at Coyote Buttes, on the border of Arizona and Utah in the USA. Also Read - With 4281 Cases And 111 Deaths, India is Between Stage 2 And 3 of Coronavirus Pandemic, Says Govt

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The Wave is a limestone rock structure that belongs to the Jurassic Age of Rock and is 118 ft in length, 62 ft in breadth and juts about 7 ft in height. The wave was formed at least over 190 million years back and is somewhere around 5,225 ft above sea level. The Wave which is a three hour hike from the highway on the border of Arizona is one of the biggest attractions for hikers and photography enthusiasts. In order to ensure preservation of this natural wonder, the Bureau of Land Management gives out only 20 permits per day on a lottery basis.

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The interesting fact about The Wave is that, even though the hike is not too exhausting, the heat and the sand make it pretty difficult to complete, especially since there is close to no mobile network just about a few minutes into the hike and all one will have to trust, is the compass and a map.

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The not-so-dangerous hike can prove to be fatal if you’re not well-hydrated through the hike. That being said, the best time of the day to hike to The wave is either dawn, noon or dusk, as the sunlight creates an emphasis on the various gradient colors of white, yellow, orange, pink, red, maroon, brown and green that make the rocks look even more beautiful creating a contrast against the blue skies.

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Not many knew about the now famous tourist destination, till the late 1990s, when featured in German travel brochures along with making it to the movie, Faszination Natur in 1996. It was only then, that The Wave became popular among European backpackers and travelers that helped put this rock formation on the adventurers’ map. The Wave is one of the only sandstone rock formation that is as visually appealing.

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Do watch this video of a couple of hikers who tried hiking to The Wave.