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There are so many natural wonders around the world that can be admired and stared at for hours at a go. There are so many natural wonders around the world that leave us in complete awe of what nature has given mankind. From pristine blue waters and tall mountains, deep valleys to the millions of species of living beings  will simply take your breath away! Also Read - LOG vs KIA Dream11 Team Players Prediction Korean Baseball League 2020: Captain, And Fantasy Baseball Tips For Today's Lotte Giants vs Kia Tigers Match in South Korea 3 PM IST June 4 Thursday

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As a part of our series where we share with you 21 amazing natural wonders of the world that will blow your mind away. From the Lonar Lake in India and the Yoho National  Park in Canada to the Grand Canyon in USA and the Victoria Falls in Africa, how many of these wonders are on your check list?

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Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Thor’s Well is located in the Lincoln County in Oregon which is on the west coast of the USA. The natural well was once considered to be a sinkhole that swallowed endless amounts of sea water  and nobody knew where it got emptied. However, some decades back, researchers and geologists found out that Thor’s well was actually only about 20 ft deep. Located off the Coast of Perpetua lining the Pacific Ocean the best time to witness the water pouring into the well and shooting out of it, is about an hour before high tide to an hour after high tide. The force and gush of the water depends on the height of the waves and wind to a certain extent.

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Since the well is around 20 ft deep, when the water shoots out of it, it creates a 20 ft tall fountain that can also be taller than the waves when the weather isn’t too rough. It is extremely dangerous and there is a zero per cent chance of survival in case anyone gets pulled into the well.

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Thor’s Well is said to be a oceanic cave, created over a span of hundreds of years, eventually causing the lid of the cave to collapse. As water seeps in constantly, it fills up to the brim, within a few seconds gets sucked in deeper and then shoots out of the fissure just like a volcano would.

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