Ask anyone who wants to visit India what their top three tourist spots are, and you will find that Rajasthan is always one among them. Few states can give you a taste of India like Rajasthan can. From traditional clothing characterized by ghoonghats and turbans to a rustic, rugged terrain that includes a major part of the Great Indian Thar desert, Rajasthan has enough to keep you intrigued. But what really draws people to Rajasthan is its rich history and heritage. The state is home to some of the finest monuments of the country that take you back in time to its glorious past. One such magnificent structure which will sweep you off your feet is the Amer Fort. (ALSO SEE Did you know these interesting facts about Amber Fort in Rajasthan?) Here are some mesmerizing photos of Amer Fort that will tempt you to visit Rajasthan soon.Also Read - Rajasthan Reels Under Blistering Heatwave, Sriganganagar Hottest At 46.7 Degrees Celsius

Elephant in front of Amer Fort Palace – A UNESCO World Heritage site

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Unidentified people ride decorated elephants to Amber Fort

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Amer (Amber) fort panorama

Amer Fort photo 3

Inside Amer Fort near Jaipur

Amer Fort photo 4

Amber Fort illuminated by warm light of the rising sun and reflected in the lake

Amer Fort photo 5

Main entrance with intricate artwork – Amer Fort

Amer Fort photo 6

Amer Fort is located in Amer, a town with an area of 4 sq. kilometres, not far from Jaipur

Amer Fort photo 7

Unidentified Indian tourists at Amer Fort outside Jaipur in Rajasthan

Amer Fort photo 8

View of Amer (Amber) fort and Maota lake, Rajasthan

Amer Fort photo 9

Amer Fort (Amber Fort) illuminated at night – one of principal attractions in Rajasthan

Amer Fort photo 10

Columns in Amber Fort near Jaipur, Rajasthan

Amer Fort photo 11

Amber fort gardens on Maota Lake, Jaipur

Amer Fort photo 12

So, when are you taking that long-awaited Rajasthan trip?