Few cities in the world can make you smile by the mere mention of their name. Amsterdam is one such city. Capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam is known for its lovely canal dotted with colourful buildings and lovely facades. Its streets are often full of smiling people on bicycles and there is always a trendy cafe or restaurant just round the corner. Cycling is an important part of the lifestyle here which is why the city is home to a number of bike pathways. Another aspect of Amsterdam that attracts people from all over the globe is its art. Its Museum District is home to the popular Van Gogh Museum. But what the city is most popular for is the remarkable architecture that takes you back to the Dutch Golden Age of the 17th century. In case you are not yet in awe of the Dutch capital, here are some marvelous photos of Amsterdam that will give you a glimpse of its enchanting beauty and ambiance. Also Read - We Will Not Learn! French NGO Collects Masks-Gloves And Other Medical Waste in Mediterranean Sea-Bed Amid COVID-19

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Red light district in Amsterdam the Netherlands at night

Amsterdam 2

Rijksmuseum (National state museum) and the city icon I Amsterdam on Museumplein at sunset

Amsterdam 3

Bridges over canals in Amsterdam at autumn

Amsterdam 4

Landscape with tulips, traditional Dutch windmills and houses

Amsterdam 5

Bicycles lining a bridge over the canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam 6

View of a church and a canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands at night

Amsterdam 7

Amsterdam skyline shortly after sunset

Amsterdam 8

Panoramic aerial view of Amsterdam on a beautiful summer day

Amsterdam 9

Beautiful panoramic linear panorama of the UNESCO World Heritage Prinsengracht canal in Amsterdam on a sunny day

Amsterdam 10

So, for your next trip abroad, consider Amsterdam. It will make you happy in every sense of the term.