Quite an extraordinary milestone has been achieved in the travel sector; now that Puducherry is ready for its first underwater museum – the legendary INS Cuddalore –  in the country. If you are a marine enthusiast and fancy some adventure, scuba diving or snorkelling, then this should be next on your list.

It’s rather interesting how they’re bringing this about; the Indian Navy is sinking a ship near Puducherry so that you to have an exceptional scuba diving experience. INS Cuddalore, a minesweeper and decommissioned ship of the Indian Navy will be sunk to the bottom of the sea around 7km from the shore. The ship is expected to attract a lot of marine life which will then be used to promote it as a prominent scuba diving spot. The Indian Navy has agreed to part with the ship and has collaborated with the Pondicherry government on the project.

INS Cuddalore has served the Indian Navy for 30 years; it only was revoked of the service earlier this year. The navy has taken the responsibility of sinking the ship (that has covered 30,000 nautical miles) at the decided place. The spot for the museum was decided by National Institute of Ocean Technology along with National Centre for Coastal Research after studying its underwater environment. They chose the location as the seabed is sandy and water becomes calm beyond a certain depth.

With time, the growth of aquatic ecosystem in the ship is expected. That in turn will facilitate the breeding of various fish and turtles around it. Few doors of the ship would be removed before sinking it in order for the divers to explore the ship from the inside.