Hampi is an ancient village in Karnataka, primarily known for the numerous ruined temple complexes from the Vijayanagara Empire. But a relatively lesser known place here is the Anjeyanadri Hill – an interesting destination that you must explore in Hampi. The hill is famous as the birth place of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god of Hindus and is located at a distance of about 5km from the centre of Hampi.

The hill has a unique charm and natural beauty of the surroundings that makes it attractive to the traveller. Though it is a well-known pilgrimage centre of the Hindus, anybody with an eye for aesthetics will enjoy visiting here. The best time to visit here is between November to February, because to reach to the top you’d have to climb more than 550 steps; and its fairly easier when the climate is pleasant.

Anjeyanadri Hill or Anjani Parvat ((Lord Hanuman is also known as Anjeneya; hence the name) is also mentioned in the epic Ramayana; where it is considered to be the site of the monkey kingdom Kishkindha. Anjeyanadri Hill is surrounded by lush, verdant greenery and paddy fields. The view that the top of the hill offers makes the climb every bit of the effort. It’s gorgeous and calming all at once. A cool breeze accompanies the stunning landscape in front of you; and the sight of the valley and the Tungabhadra river flowing below adds to the beauty. Anjeyanadri Hill offers one of the most stunning sunsets in Hampi.

It’s only expected that you would encounter plenty of monkeys on the hill; especially the congregation of monkeys near the Hanuman temple at the top. The Hanuman Temple is a white-washed structure; a pyramid roof with a small red dome at the top. A red flag flutters in the air and is easily visible from a distance. There’s an image of Hanuman carved on a rock as well as a small shrine for Lord Rama and his wife Sita inside the temple.

The nearest airport from Hampi is at Bellary, situated at a distance of about 64km. You can avail local modes of transport to reach Hampi from there.