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AR Rahman is not just India’s but one of the world’s best music directors and his melodies are like a hot cup of tea on a rainy day. Soothing to the ears and hitting the right spot, he works magic with his music. And he is back with another melodious number in collaboration with several other artists such as Maati Baani, Jonita, Mumbai’s Finest, Sanam and more. But this time, his song Yaara has a beautiful message too. The song is about living in a borderless world by breaking the barriers with love. The lyrics are simple yet touching as they talk about how we all may not know each other but are all the same. Also Read - Delhi LG Office Sealed After Junior Assistant Tests COVID-19 Positive, Contact Tracing Underway

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The video also showcases different parts of the world and how even the common  man can do extraordinary things by making this world borderless. For the traveler in you, the video is inspiring to see the world in a new light and travel not like a tourist but as a local of any destination. It is even shot in different parts of the county and the world.


From showcasing the favelas in Rio to the skyline of New York City and the landscape of Ladakh, there are a lot of different locations shown in the video. All the artists including Rahman feature in the video and sing the melody. They do not play themselves but different roles that the common man is like a carpenter to an electrician to show how everyone and anyone can make the world a better place with love and kindness.

Watch the video below:

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