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Anyone who loves to travel must understand the importance of environment conservation. It is common sense. If we do not do our best to preserve nature, most of our favorite destinations will lose their beauty and charm soon. Take coral reefs for instance. Dying coral reefs has been a problem worrying our planet over the past few years. The Great Barrier Reef, one of the most magnificent natural wonders of the world, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and despite that, under the threat of extinction due to climate change. ALSO SEE Australia is Offering Cash for Innovative Ideas to Save the Great Barrier Reef Also Read - Amid Coronavirus Scare, Australia to Close All Pubs, Restaurants, Place of Worship

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Around 1500 km of the reef was bleached and destroyed due to marine heat waves in 2016.These heat waves are nothing but a result of global warming. Understandably, this has the Australian authorities worried. The Great Barrier Reef brings in around $3.7 billion every year through fishing and tourism. So, in a move to help preserve the amazing attraction, Australia has pledged over 500 million Australian dollars (379 million USD). This investment is being described as the largest single investment towards reef conservation in Australia. CHECK OUT Great Barrier Reef to Get New State-of-the-Art Patrol Vessel with Night Detection Technology

Great Barrier Reef

Under this new funding, the Australian government will join hands with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to work towards improving long term health of the Great Barrier Reef. The reef is home to over 1500 fish species and several hundreds of corals. Endangered species like the green turtle also inhabit the Great Barrier Reef which happens to be the largest living structure on earth. While the bleaching events have had an adverse impact of the reef, they can be repaired through careful and dedicated conservation efforts. With such heavy funding, the Great Barrier Reef should be able to sail through. However, the only way to protect the earth’s dying reefs is to work towards reduction of global warming.