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No Indian destination comes even close to Goa when you think of parties and beaches. Perhaps India’s most popular holiday destination, Goa has an unparalleled charm about it that draws you in every time you want a break from your daily routine. No matter which part of India or the world you are from, when you aspire to escape your mundane life and hectic work schedule, Goa embraces you with its breathtaking beauty, vibrant ambiance and wonderful people. Also Read - Beach Bums - Here Are 21 Stunning Photos of Beaches in South Goa

Many people hold the notion that while Goa is a great tourist spot, it should be avoided during the monsoon season, especially in August when the rains come down in all their glory. However, once you get rid of this notion, you realize that there is more to Goa during monsoon than you can possibly imagine. Here are a few reasons why a trip to Goa in August is actually a great idea! Also Read - These 8 Enchanting Beaches in North Goa Are Perfect For Winter Vacation!

Enjoy crowd-free popular spots


August is a time when the peak tourist crowd stays away from Goa. This means that you can enjoy popular spots like Anjuna, Vagator and maybe even Baga sometimes with fewer crowds to bother you. It can be ideal for a relatively peaceful Goan vacation. Take off to your favorite beaches or restaurants and have them to yourselves.

Avail of cheaper hotel and resort prices

Doubletree Hilton Goa

Doubletree Hilton Goa

Since monsoon is not the peak tourist season, most hotels and resorts offer cheap, lucrative rates for a happy weekend getaway. This is a welcome change from the exorbitant rates charged from November onwards. Imagine enjoying by the pool at a luxury resort overlooking a wonderful view of the beach without having to spend a bomb!

Visit parts of Goa you won’t otherwise visit

Beautiful Shantadurga temple in Goa

You almost always visit Goa for its beaches and its parties. During the monsoon season, you can take a break from the usual spots and visit the wonderful temples and churches of Goa which are just as alluring during August as they are the rest of the year. August is the month when you can explore beautiful monuments and places of Goa that you haven’t seen before. It is also the best time to visit the wonderful Dudhsagar waterfalls which are one of the most scenic attractions of the state.

Take a walk on the beach as it’s not raining all the time!


Even though August is the peak of the monsoon season, it does not rain all the time. This means, that there are times when the weather is cool, breezy and pleasant and perfect for some quality beach time. You can still take romantic walks in the gloomy weather which is a welcome respite from the summer heat and humidity and enjoy Goa’s beautiful ambiance nonetheless.

Refresh yourself with the greenery all around

Goa in August

Goa in August

Did you know that Goa is actually one of the greenest states in India? There is no better time than August to see this side of Goa. The lush green plantations flanking clean roads that make for wonderful drives will warm the cockles of your heart.