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You may have missed it but we haven’t. The trailer for Baaghi, the hot new film starring Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor is out and we cannot take our eyes off it! Sure there’s all the martial arts stuff going on. Tiger Shroff shows off his skills and Shraddha Kapoor… well… she does a good job of looking stunning and sexy. But even though we were in wow of Shroff and his action skills and Shraddha and her beach scenes, we also could not get our eyes off the breathtakingly beautiful backdrops against which the film seems to have been shot. Turns out, the locations include some usual suspects (read: beaches of Goa) and the slightly unusual (the backwaters of Kerala where a memorable Bollywood film hasn’t been shot in a while) to the exotic (islands of Krabi in Thailand)! So even as our super-flexible hero travels from India to Thailand to receive some serious martial arts training, he does so in picturesque locales and against breathtaking landscapes. The Baaghi trailer suggests that we will be seeing one very action-packed movie (gosh those fight sequences look brutal) but it also promises some beautiful locales are aren’t just bound to spark your wanderlust but also, hopefully, drive some tourists from India to Thailand. We leave you with this Baaghi trailer. Also Read - Watch: Jhansi Police Distributes Toys To Children Of Migrant Workers, Health Minister Lauds The Heartwarming Gesture

Baaghi star Shraddha Kapoor, is also very, very active on social media and her Instagram account, always makes us want to pack our bags and travel (ALSO READ Shraddha Kapoor captures the beauty of Shillong). Much before the Baaghi trailer released, Shraddha had been offering us a sneak peek into just what we could expect from the film. Here’s a peek into her travel dairies. Also Read - Staffer at Rail Bhawan Tests Positive For Coronavirus; Fifth Case in 2 Weeks in Same Building