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Himachal Pradesh is a backpacker’s delight for several reasons. Nature is the first and biggest one of them all. Then comes the weather followed by the people. But one of the most fascinating aspects of Himachal which contributes towards making it a preferred choice for backpacking in India is how cheap it is for travelers! There are several places in Himachal Pradesh where accommodations cost less than Rs 1000 a day which means you can stay there for longer and spend more on other activities. Also Read - These Places in Himachal Pradesh Are Perfect Destinations For Summer Vacations

Here are 5 places you can stay in while backpacking in Himachal Pradesh: Also Read - Himachal Pradesh Trip: Your Complete Itinerary For a 5-day Solo Journey

1. Mcleod Ganj


Great weather, amazing views and beautiful cafes with loads of friendly people – that’s Mcleod Ganj for you! It is ideal for a 7-10 day trip and offers several trekking opportunities like Triund. Most hotels in Dharamkot and some on Bhagsu road too offer extremely cheap accommodation.

2. Kheerganga

sabamonin/Creative Commons

sabamonin/Creative Commons

A 4-hour trek from Barsheni, Kheerganga in Parvati valley is famous for its amazing hot water springs and beautiful views of snow-clad mountains. You can find huts with a common bathroom or dharmashalas with rooms.

3. Tosh


A beautiful little village in the Parvati valley that serves as the base for several treks, Tosh is one of the most scenic places you will ever visit! The mountain goat cafe in Tosh offers rooms with stunning views. Other places in the village too are quite inexpensive.

4. Rewalsar


This little Buddhist town known for its beautiful lake is dotted with monasteries, cafes and local restaurants along the circumference of the lake. The cost of rooms in the monasteries depends on the view. Most of them have attached bathrooms and are clean with all amenities including a television. Rewalsar is one of the best, hidden places in Himachal Pradesh for a serene and rejuvenating getaway.

5. Kasol


Extremely popular among tourists as a place to relax, do-nothing and get high, Kasol is also one of the most inexpensive backpacking destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Called Mini Israel due to the number of Israeli tourists visiting this place, Kasol has hostels that offer rooms starting at around Rs 700 a night. There are also several homestays here which will cost you lesser and make for a great stay and experience.