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Regardless of your financial status in life, you will always get a high when you spend little and yet experience the great wonders of the world. Backpacking in India is ideal for this one reason. It has a good number of places where you can spend very little and still have the time of your life! From Himachal Pradesh way up in the north to Tamil Nadu in the south and Meghalaya in the northeast to Rajasthan in the northwest, India is full of places that are backpacker-friendly. Here are eight places in India where, if you spend wisely, you can get by in just Rs 500 per day. (ALSO READ How to find cheap places to stay in India!) Also Read - Cyclone Nisarga to Make Landfall Today; Maharashtra, Gujarat on High Alert | Top Developments

1. Kheerganga

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Nestled up in the mountains and extremely famous for its hot water springs and stunning views of snow-clad peaks, Kheerganga is one of Himachal Pradesh’s must-visit backpacking destinations. The trek is not too difficult and food and accommodation come really cheap. You can stay in the dharamshala or huts for as low as Rs 150 a night and eat the local food.

2. Kodaikanal

South India’s spectacular hill station and a delight for backpackers, Kodaikanal is as inexpensive as it gets. You can find rooms for around Rs 200 a night and local food is quite cheap too.

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3. Cherrapunjee

Known as one of the wettest places on earth, Cherrapunjee is as beautiful as it is adventurous. The By the Way hostel here gives you a comfortable bed for Rs 250 a night and nearby stalls serve delicious food which costs under Rs 100 a meal. A visit to the Living Root Bridges costs nothing other than a 6-hour trekking effort.

4. Osian

The temple town of Osian in Rajasthan is full of dharamashalas which offer rooms for around Rs 150 a night and bhojanalayas where meals cost under Rs 100. The temples and people here are a window to Hindu culture and traditions and it will give you the feel of a typical small, modest Indian town.

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5. Rewalsar


One of the most serene places in Himachal Pradesh, Rewalsar is a Buddhist town with a marvelous lake dotted with beautiful monasteries, cafes, temples and eateries along its circumference. Rooms in the monasteries cost around Rs 200 a night and a filling, scrumptious thukpa in a local restaurant costs Rs 80.

6. Pondicherry


Pondicherry is ideal for those who want to stay at ashrams and experience a rejuvenating and awakening holiday. Accommodations is as good as free if you apply in advance and get a spot. Food at local eateries is also quite inexpensive and costs a nominal amount if you are eating at the ashram.

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7. McleodGanj


Another beautiful spot in Himachal Pradesh which is a favorite among tourists is Mcleod Ganj. A quaint town with great weather, friendly people, amazing cafes, the famous monastery where the Dalai Lama resides, and some fine trekking opportunities, Mcleod Ganj has hotels with rooms that charge as low as Rs 200 a night. A meal at the cafes can cost as little as Rs 100.

8. Pushkar


Another quaint little temple town in Rajasthan, Pushkar is actually one of India’s biggest tourist attractions. Usually clubbed with Ajmer, Pushkar is visited by many tourists for the famous Brahma temple and the lake where you can witness Hindu traditions and culture in all its glory. Rooms in Pushkar are quite inexpensive costing as little as Rs 200 a night. Food at the local bhojanalayas near the temples is also quite cheap.

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