Mount Agung in Bali

Mount Agung in Bali

Bali’s Ngurah Rai airport has been shut down for yet another day on account of the volcanic ash from Mount Agung’s eruption. This is the third consecutive day for which operations of the Bali airport have been shut. “Bali’s Ngurah Rai airport will remain closed until at least Thursday morning,” airport spokesman Arie Ahsanurrohim told the news agency AFP. Being Bali’s only airport with international connectivity, the shutting down of the airport has resulted in several passengers being stranded in Bali. Also Read - Ms. & Mrs. Gorgeous Worldwide Beauty Pageant to be Held in Bali in May

For the uninitiated, the popular tourist spot of Bali in Indonesia is on high alert as Mount Agung, one of its most massive volcanoes, is on the verge of eruption. It all started when the volcano started rumbling in September. Since then, alerts have been raised and thousands of people have been evacuated from the exclusion zone extending 10 km around Mount Agung. Last week, the alert was raised to the highest level as the mountain poses threat of blowing up. Approximately 25,000 people have been evacuated in the last week itself so that mishaps can be avoided. The total number of people evacuated may be as high as 1,00,000. Also Read - Mandira Bedi Looks Smouldering Hot in Bikini as She Flaunts Her Washboard Abs During Bali Vacay

The last time Mount Agung erupted was in 1963 when it had claimed the lives of 1,600 people. Officials have realized that safety comes first, even if it means disruption of daily life and flight cancellations. The volcanic ash rising from Mount Agung is currently rising as high as 3,400 metres. This poses a threat to visibility of flights landing and taking off at the Bali airport. The volcanic ash can also cause obstructions in the functioning of blades in jet and turboprop engines resulting in complete engine failure. It is therefore prudent that airport operations be shut down completely till the threat is cleared. Also Read - No Sex if Not Married: The Law That Could Affect Tourism in Bali


Bali is known for its exotic beaches

Bali happens to be one of the most sought after tourism destinations in Asia. As a result, a huge number of travelers visit the famous beach town all year round. Around 1,20,000 tourists now remain stranded in Bali till Thursday at least. Around 100 buses will help transport stranded visitors to several destinations across Indonesia. Surabaya, which is a 13 hours’ drive and a ferry ride away, seems to be one of the most viable option right now. The other option of course is Indonesian capital Jakarta. We would need to wait and see how long it takes for the ash to clear out so that it is safe to fly again.