Nature in the middle of a big, bustling metropolis is a thing of the past. However, gems like Ulsoor Lake in Bangalore testifies to the fact that we still have a few left to cherish. Ulsoor Lake is located in the north-eastern fringe of the city, and derives its name from the locality where it is situated, which is, Ulsoor. What sets it apart is the many islands dotting it.

It is believed that though Ulsoor Lake dates back to the time of Kempe Gowda, the present lake was created at a much later time in the 19th century by Sir Lewin Bentham Bowring, the then Commissioner of Bangalore. So, the lake isn’t just one of the biggest lakes in Bangalore but also the oldest. Spanning across an area of 123.6 acres, the lake is surrounded by lush abundant greenery and creates an atmosphere of serenity. Those who live in Bangalore, take note: this is a great place to sit and relax on days when you want some time to yourself.

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As is expected, the lake is also rich in flora and fauna. Several species of beautiful birds can be regularly spotted near the lake. There are green bushes that have attractive wild flowers blooming in various colours, and numerous interesting species of butterflies and insects that hover over them. The lake has gorgeous fountains that come on for a stipulated time every day and are a delight to watch.

Apart from the scenic beauty, the lake also offers activities like rowing a boat. The lake has a radius of about 3km which is ideal for boating; in fact there are boating services to take visitors around the lake with stop-overs at some of the idyllic islands. There is also a recreational complex near the lake that has a large swimming pool. You can go for a swim at the pool and afterward get a coffee or a snack at the eateries near the lake.