In a day and age when we prefer to take the help of our phones for directions rather than asking for help from the people on the streets – the latest development in Goa takes a hilarious dig at technology. If you’re a believer in Google Maps to take you to your destination without any hassle, now is the time to think again.

In a very smart move to warn people using Goggle Maps, a banner on Baga Beach in Goa helps people take a detour  to get on the actual route. Those following Google Maps often find themselves in front of the banner that reads this: You are fooled by Google Maps. This road doesn’t take you to Baga Beach. Turn back and take a left turn, Baga is 1 km from here.

This has taken the internet world by storm, cracking people up everywhere. We’re all aware of Google Maps’ theatrics: it has led us all at some point to locked gates, through parks, over canals and walls, and sometimes, no roads in sight. In a place like Goa, where there’s no Uber or Ola service, people often rent cars and drive around themselves. But obviously, they don’t know the roads, and the best way to navigate is by the help of Google Maps.

However, don’t fret if the Map fails you en route to Baga Beach. Watch out for the banner that hilariously puts you on the correct road, done by the native residents of the city. More power to technology, and definitely more power to such travel-friendly banners, the first of which you’ll find near Baga, Goa.