Jaipur is a great place to visit during the winter. Especially when you’ve stepped into a new year and want to immerse yourself in some rich Rajasthani culture. Jaipur Music Stage is set to celebrate “all things music”, this January 2019, by bringing a variety of music genres together on the same platform and exciting collaborations between diverse artistes, with the aim of transcending time and space.

Rooted in the heart of India but flavoured with variety from across the globe, the Stage will feature artistes from the international spectrum with a multi-genre abundance in style, sound, and history. Be it world music, Sufi, ghazals, funk, rock or the Blues, the Jaipur Music Stage 2019 is a music festival breaking through borders and prejudices. The festival embodies variety, excellence and collaboration and will offer workshops, masterclasses, talks and sessions; giving music-lovers a chance to interact with musicians, learn more about instruments and nuances within musical genres.

The Stage will kick-start on January 24 with an electric performance by the Iranian-Canadian duo Niyaz. The line-up includes brilliant artistes like Jasbir Jassi and Kutle Khan who will bring exquisite Rajasthani and Punjabi folk music to the audience; Mahesh Vinayakram (the world-famous Carnatic vocalist);  Australian musician DubFX; violin master L Subramanian;  and the Sufi duo Nooran Sisters. They will enthrall and entertain over the course of five-days, and this could be the best way to start the new year with some live music. The Stage will run parallel to the Jaipur Literature Festival, so you can well be engaged all through the day, and night!