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Summer is the best time to take a vacation. Most of India is quite hot during this season and people just need some respite from the scorching sun. Mercifully, no matter where you are in India, there is a cold place you can visit nearby. Take Kolkata for instance. The City of Joy gets extremely hot and humid during the summer season with temperatures going over 40 degrees C. So, it is natural that people look for cool getaways. There are a number of amazing hill stations that one can visit from Kolkata in order to escape the summer heat. So, in case you are looking for the best summer holiday destinations from Kolkata, here are some options for you. Also Read - Kalimpong is One of The Least Populated Hill Stations of West Bengal


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Located in the Darjeeling district, Mirik is one of West Bengal’s most picturesque spots. It is known for its natural beauty and wonderful monasteries. The Sumendu lake here is the centre of all the attractions and is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Summer temperatures here range from 10 degrees C to 20 degrees C.




Arguably the most popular hill station of West Bengal, Darjeeling is known for its sprawling tea plantations that provide lush green landscapes. Its views of the Kanchenjunga range attract tourists from all over the world. Summer weather here is extremely pleasant with temperatures ranging from 11 degrees C to 19 degrees C.



And then there is Kurseong. Despite its pleasant weather and beautiful tea gardens, Kurseong is still one of the lesser-explored places of West Bengal. Its gushing waterfalls, lovely hillocks and splendid weather make it one of the finest places to visit in the entire country. Even in August, which is the warmest month of the year here, temperature averages 20.5 degrees C.



Sandakphu is the highest peak in the region. It is located at the highest point of Darjeeling’s Singalila Ridge that falls on the Nepal-West Bengal border. Apart from the stunning views and landscapes of the Kangchenjunga range, Sandakphu is a delight for hikers and trekkers. Summer weather here is extremely pleasant making it the best time to check it out.


Located in the Kalimpong district, Pedong is a small village that will charm you with its simplicity and natural beauty. It is surrounded by several viewing points which offer stunning views of the eastern Himalayan range. The Pedong monastery is one of the most prominent attractions of this place. The weather during summer ranges from 16 degrees C to 25 degrees C making it an ideal time for sight-seeing.

So, take a break from the summer heat by escaping to one of these cool hill stations.