Home to some of the most spectacular beaches in India, Goa needs no introduction. This tiny state located on the western coastline of the country is famous for its golden beaches, azure blue sea, food, parties and for its joie de vivre. Goa is the first name that comes to your mind when you think beaches. The seafood shacks, water sports, swaying palms, the sandy beaches and the night life in this beautiful state attracts millions of international and local tourists. Although Goa is among the most happening party destinations across the world, beaches in Goa are special. You will see both commercialized and non-commercialized beaches in Goa. The beaches located in the South are mostly quiet and are perfect for just lazing around and relaxing. The North Goa beaches are more commercialized and are famous for their parties and nightlife. All these beaches are just perfect whether you visit it during the summer, winter or monsoon. As travelers from across the country converge in Goa and the charter flights start to come in for the peak season in Goa, we are listing out all the best beaches in the state. From Keri beach in the North to Palolem in the south, here is a complete guide of the best beaches in Goa. So, get ready for a long drive through the beast beaches in Goa.

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1. Keri or Querim Beach

Photograph Courtesy: Jo Kent/Creative Commons

Photograph Courtesy: Jo Kent/Creative Commons

Located at the northern tip of the beautiful coastal state of Goa, Keri or Querim beach is a hidden gem. If you yearn for an empty beach with picturesque landscape, this is the place for you. It covers around two kilometer stretch of beige colored sandy shoreline and is situated 43km north of Panaji, Goa’s capital. Dotted with heritage buildings, this beach is located just north of Arambol beach, which is famous among the hippie crowd and Russians. Keri beach is peaceful and perfect for relaxing. This beach is still somewhat unknown to the world and is secluded with fewer tourists. This is the places where Terekhol River joins the sea. Few rocky outcrops and rows of pine trees complete the landscape of this place. You can spend your day under a shady tree watching the waves crashing on the shore and sipping tender coconut. You can also visit old houses of Goa, Ajoba temple and the Terekhol Fort. Constructed in the 17 th century, the fort has now been transformed into a hotel. It offers you a spectacular view of the sea and the Terekhol River.

Places to stay: This beach has few shacks and they also offer accommodation. Terekhol Fort Resort also offers rooms. For more details, call +917720056795.

Places to eat: There are several beach shacks offering delicious seafood at nominal rates. Do not miss out on having fish curry rice here.

2. Arambol Beach


Located 40km North of Panaji, Arambol is a quaint little village, which was unknown to the world for a long time, but over the years it became one of the popular beaches in Goa. Narrow lanes from the main road will lead you to the coast. People from all around the world visit this beach to experience its bohemian vibes and peace. This laid-back beach is one of the favourite beaches among foreigners. These days you will find many domestic tourists enjoying the sun and the sand there.

Arambol is an ideal destination for budget travelers and backpackers. The beach has several yoga and meditation centers, Tai Chi classes and tattoo parlours. You will see people from different cultures visiting the shore of Arambol. You can learn yoga, dance, meditation and musical instruments like tabla, sitar and guitar. Arambol beach is a stage for many music shows and festivals. The music scene here is dominated by Gypsie bands. Visit this beach to be a part of the Tribal Dance Festival, Goa Contact Festival, the Indian Juggling convention and In-Touch Festival. The peak season is between November and February, when you will be able to watch the colorful festivals and enjoy several adventure sports like paragliding and kite surfing. The strong wind during this season ensures that you enjoy every bit of the sports.

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The black rock hill and the silvery sand give this beach a dramatic look. Arambol also has a small natural pool near the hill and it has soft clay, which is said to be good for skin. On this beach, you can listen to music played live by international and local artists, relax or take a lazy stroll. You can also visit the nearby jungle and the majestic Banyan tree in it. Near the banyan tree there is a sculpture known as money stone with the following inscription: “Give if you can – Take if you have to”. You can spot monkeys and exotic birds in the jungle. There are two parts of Arambol beach. The north part is called Harmal beach and the south part is called Arambol beach. A walk through a scenic landscape and mystical rock formation will take you to Harmal beach. You will pass by several shops on your way to the beach. This secluded beach will enchant you with its natural beauty. There is a tiny sweet water lake on this empty beach.

Besides various alternative health trainings and therapies, Arambol offers other activities like hiking, paragliding, dolphin boat trips, Pilates and trance parties.

Places to stay: Although you will not find any major hotels or resorts in Arambol, there many beach huts where you can stay. For shack accommodation, you can check out Casa Fiesta and Sand Sapphire.

Places to eat: Arambol has several cafes and restaurants serving fresh and delicious food. You will get everything from hummus to Italian Pasta and burgers to pita breads to Lebanese food. Double Dutch and Ristorante Felini are two popular restaurants in the area. Some of the popular beach shacks are Morning Star, Dream Cather and Cockstown.

3. Mandrem Beach


This quiet and relaxing beach is located 21 km north of Panaji. It is one of the best-kept secrets of Goa. With silvery white sand and clean water, this huge beach lies between Ashwem and Arambol. A rocky cliff lies between Mandrem and Arambol beach. Mandrem beach has beautiful waves and few rock formations. The beach also has Mandrem creek, which runs parallel to the waterline. During high tide, the Mandrem creek gets filled with sea water and it is a sight to behold. A small fishermen community lives near the beach. The narrow path leading to this beautiful beach has many shops, hotels, restaurants and centres teaching alternative therapies. There are many yoga, meditation and Ayurveda centres in Mandrem.

Places to stay: Mandrem beach has a few high-end hotels and resorts like Yub Yum Resort, La Cabana Beach & Spa and Amarya Shamiyana. Other hotels in the area are Mandrem Beach Resort, Hotel Aananda and Riverside beach shack.

Places to eat: Roma Italian Restaurant, Dunes, Goa Resort: The Mandala and Elevar Restaurant are some of the restaurants in Mandrem.

4. Ashvem Beach

Photograph courtesy: Innacoz/Creative Common

Photograph courtesy: Innacoz/Creative Common

Unlike Mandrem, Ashvem has a vibrant nightlife and this beach becomes really busy during the party season. Many famous clubs have opened up here lately. Located about 35 km north of Panaji, Ashvem beach was once a peaceful and secluded beach. The beach is known for its unique rock formations, which add a unique charm to this place. These unique rocks are shaped by shellfish. The beach was once the nesting ground for the Olive Ridley Turtles, but due to the commercialisation of this place and sound disturbance, the turtles no longer visit Ashvem during their nesting season.

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The white sand beach, coconut grove and Chapora River flowing silently to the south of Ashvem, make it a must visit place. A part of Ashvem beach is called Palm Groves. There is a forest close to the beach. Take a walk through the forest to see charming villages and temples.

Ashvem Beach has a noise curfew in the evening, so the only thing you will be hearing during that time is the sound of the waves. The beach has many beach huts and no new structure made of bricks, as building brick structure is prohibited as per the environmental protection law.

Places to stay: Ashvem beach has many staying options like Anahata Retreat, Boomerang Resort & Spa, FabHotel Tahira Ashwem Beachfront and Leela Cottages.

Places to eat: La Plage is one of the most popular restaurants in Ashvem. There also several food vendors on the beach. Some of the hotels at this place are L’Atelier, Targulla Inn and Shanti Gossip Tree Bar & Restaurant.

5. Morjim Beach


Located around 30km north of Panaji, Morjim is known as the nesting ground for Olive Ridley sea turtle. The beach is situated south of Ashvem Beach and offers you a beautiful view of Chapora Fort across Chapora River. Morjim beach is one of the quiet beaches in North Goa.  As Morjim serves as the nesting ground for the endangered Olive Ridley turtles, volunteers guard their nests and the turtles during the nesting season, which is in the month of September. During this period, the beach remains off limit for the public. People visit this beach when the eggs hatch and the hatchling go back to the sea.

Morjim is very popular among the Russians and is called ‘the little Russia’. Many signboards and restaurants have menu cards in Russian language. Morjim has many Russian immigrants living here. Some of the activities offered by Morjim beach include Dolphin boat trips, tattoo parlours and water sports.

Places to stay: Some of the best hotels in Morjim include Hakuna Matata Beach Resort, La Vaiencia Beach Resort, Safira River Front Resort and Marbela Beach Resort.

Places to eat: Flor Do Mar (099303 00131), Rainbow Bar & Restaurant (098814 92793), Jardin D’ulysse (098225 81928) and Edem Garden (088069 39577) are some of the popular restaurants in Morjim.

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6. Vagator Beach

Photograph: Shutterstock

One of the most popular beaches in Goa, Vagator is located about 21 km north of Panaji. It is one of the first things you see when you reach Goa. This stunning crescent has two parts, Little Vagator Beach or Ozran Beach and the North Vagator Beach or Big Vagator Beach. These two sections are separated by a headland. Over the years the number of local tourists visiting this beach has soared. The period between November and January is the peak season time and is also the best time to visit this beautiful beach. Vagator beach is situated along the Chapora River basin and you can walk to the nearby Chapora village. The famous Chapora fort is also located on a hillock close to the beach.

Vagator is popular for its flea market, which is held every Wednesday near the beach. It is a major crowd puller. The shops in this market sell everything from antiques to jewellery to clothes. You can bargain the price of the items here. The beach is also popular for the Sunburn Festival, an EDM festival. It is one of the major music events in the world. There are also several clubs, including Primrose, Hilltop and Nine Bar, around the beach playing trance and psychedelic music. A part of the beach is known as Disco Valley, which has several open-air clubs. This is the best place to dance to some trance music and have a party. As Vagator beach does not have any lifeguard, go for a swim only if you are an expert.

Places to stay: Vagator has many accommodation options. The Grand Leoney Resort (0832 227 3777), Jackies Day Nite (098221 33789), Alcove Resort (0832 227 3349) and Antares Restaurant & Beach Club (099998 07072) are some of the best hotels in Vagator.

Places to eat: The beach has few shacks. Some of the best restaurants in and around Vagator includes Thalassa (098500 33537), Blue Bird (098225 87056), Salt and Pepper (098221 63522) and The Mango Tree (0832 227 4703).

7. Anjuna Beach


Located 18 km north of Panaji, Anjuna was once popular among hippies. With its unique rock formations, delicious food, breeze-catching palms, party culture and soft sand, Anjuna has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Goa. Famous for trance parties, food and fun activity, the beach is a must visit.

Anjuna is popular for its outdoor parties and one of the parties you must not miss is the Shiva Valley party. You will see many local and international tourists hanging out on the beach giving it a bohemian feel. Another attraction in Anjuna is the flea market, where you can bargain and buy items like clothes, footwear electronic devices, cheese and jewelry.  The flea market is held on every Wednesday. You can also go for Dolphin boat trips, paragliding, water sports and hiking. There are several Reiki, Tai Chi, meditation and yoga centres near the beach. You will also find many tattoo studios here.

Places to stay: You will find many accommodation options here ranging from budget to mid-range to luxury hotels.Some of the best hotels in Anjuna includeHacienda De Goa Resort (0832 663 0000), Vista Praia Beachfront Cottages (098508 19591), Henmil Holiday Homes (077448 33714) and The Ocean Pearl Escape (0832 227 3401). You can also checkout hostels like Roadhouse in Anjuna.

Places to eat: Curlies is the most famous restaurant in Anjuna. Located right on the beach, Curlies offer a wide range of cuisines and drinks.Do checkout the German Bakery (070579 01002), Basilico (098221 04817), Shiva Valley (088059 30568) and Deee Kaffee (075078 53220).

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8. Baga Beach


Similar to Anjuna, Hippies discovered Baga and it is now one of the most popular beaches in Goa. Baga is located around 17km north of Panaji. This long stretch of beach starts with a small river at the north. As compared to Calangute, another popular beach, Baga is quieter. Baga is the place to be if you like clubbing and shopping. This super-commercialized beach has shops selling anything and everything from antique jelewry, clothes and bags to footwear, swimwear, toys and wall hangings. Baga is a hot spot for domestic tourists.

You can indulge in water sports like banana ride, surfing Dolphone boat rides and parasailing here in Baga. There are several tattoo studios and centers for meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. The annual National Wind Surfing Championship is organized at Baga every year between September and November. If you are interested in learning scuba diving, then head to Barracuda Diving (for more details call 9822182402)

Places to stay: There are several hotels in Baga like Baia do sol (090110 76140), Hotel Shelsta (099226 25267), Hotel Riverside (0832 227 7337) and Little India Beach Cottages (097642 22722).

Places to eat: The beach is lines with beach shacks and restaurants. Britto’s is the most famous restaurant in Baga. Other restaurants in Baga include Jamies Restaurant (097643 64377), Go With The Flow (075077 71556), Dream Catcher (097642 44250) and Tito’s Café (098227 65002).

9. Calangute Beach

Calangute beach one of the most crowded beaches in Goa - Goa

Known as the ‘Queen of beaches’, Calangute is located around 15 km north of Panaji. It is one of the most famous beaches in the state. Calangute is also the largest beach in the Northern part of Goa. It is mostly visited by the domestic tourists. During the season time, it becomes very crowded. The beach is commercialised and is lined with shops selling products from Kashmir, Rajasthan and Tibet.

The beach also offers variety of water sports like water surfing, banana boat ride, jet skiing and parasailing. Calangute is also popular for its pubs and nightlife. The sand of the beach shelves steeply and so it could be dangerous for kids. Swimming is not recommended as waves suddenly rise and drop.

Places to stay: There are several accommodation options in Calangute. Some of the best hotels here include Ibis Styles Goa Calangute Resort (0832 301 6000), La Vie Woods (0832 651 1944), Orabella Viila & Suites (070304 55577) and Maria Rosa Resort (0832 222 0569).

Places to eat: Calangute is the place to be if you like seafood. There are many beach shacks and multi-cuisine restaurants here. Some of the best restaurants in Calangute are A Reverie (098231 74927), Tamarin (095454 77670) and Cafe Fiori (098607 56590).

10. Candolim


Candolim is another popular beach located about 13 km north of Panaji. It is visited by thousands of tourists every year. This beach is bit pricier than the nearby Calangute beach and is not very crowded except during the peak season, which is between December and January. With dunes in the background, this beach is very beautiful and has a very laid-back feel to it.  The beach is famous for its water sports like parasailing and water skiing. The beach is clean and hosts many events.

Places to stay: Coqueiral Boutique Beach Hotel (098226 89826), Banyan Tree Courtyard Resort (090969 35700), Whispering Palms Beach Resort (0832 665 1516) and Golden Tulip Goa (0832 240 5800) are some of the known hotels in Candolim.

Places to eat: The path leading to the beach is lined with shops and restaurants. Earthen Oven Restaurant (088885 30200), Fisherman’s Cove Bar and Restaurant (098221 69572), Tuscany Gardens (0832 645 4026), Republic Of Noodles (076208 49625) and Viva Goa (0832 322 3937) are some of the best restaurants in Candolim.

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11. Sinquerim


Known for the Aguada Fort, Sinquerim is located about 13 km from Panaji, the capital of Goa. It is among the most beautiful beaches in the state. Sinquerim beach lies next to Candolim beach and is identified by the fort, which was constructed to defend any attack from the sea. This beach is very clean and not very popular, so it is less crowded. Sinquerim has many resorts and hotels including the famous Taj Holiday village resorts and Taj Vivanta. Another interesting place in Sinquerim is the Portuguese Aguada Jail. You cannot take a tour of the jail, but you can visit Agauda Fort. Panaji is visible across the river Mandovi from the fort. The beach offers a variety of water sports like scuba diving, wind surfing, water skiing and parasailing. The road leading to the beach is lined with shops selling jewelry, clothes and bags.

Places to stay: The most famous hotel in Sinquerim is Vivanta By Taj (0832 664 5858). Other hotels include Lemon Tree Amarante Beach Resort (0832 398 8188), Aguada Anchorage (0832 663 0801), Marbella Guest House (098221 00811) and Lucia Beach Guest House (0832 247 9351).

Places to eat: There are several restaurants in Sinquerim serving mouth-watering dishes. Check out Fishermen’s Cove (098221 69572), Wok & Roll Restaurant (090490 22348), Calamari Bathe & Binge (093717 03536) and Cohiba Bar & Kitchen (077220 31222).

12. Miramar Beach

Miramar beach in Goa - Goa

Known for its golden sand, Miramar beach is located about three kilometers from Panaji. This urban beach is a popular hangout place in the region. There are several heritage buildings near the beach, which is identified by the roundabouts and long road. The shoreline of this beach is two kilometers long and is lined with palm trees. Situated near to the Mandovi River’s estuary, the beach offers a spectacular view of the Agauda Fort across the river.

There are shops and snack vendors near the beach. Swimming is not recommended here because of the strong undercurrent but it is perfect for long walks. Miramar is known for its magical sunsets, so don’t miss it for the world.

Places to stay: There are several accommodation options in Miramar like the GTDC operated Miramar Residency, Varanda Do Mar (0832 246 4400), Hotel Gopika International (0832 246 2894) and Riomar Beach Resort (0832 246 3344).

Places to eat: Thai N Wok (0832 246 1980), Borkars Celebrations Restaurant & Bar (0832 246 2766), and Pizza Mia (0832 246 4383) are some of the restaurants tin Miramar you must try.

13. Dona Paula Beach

Photograph courtesy: Ali Al-Sheiba/Creative Commons

Photograph courtesy: Ali Al-Sheiba/Creative Commons

Home to some of the richest and well-known families of Goa, Dona Paula village is very special. The beach is one of the popular tourist destinations in Goa. This white sand beach usually remains peaceful except during the peak season. If you like jet skiing, then Dona Paula is the place you should visit. The beach is popular for its sunsets. The most interesting attraction of this place is the whitewashed sculpture made in 1969 by Baroness Yrse Von Leistner. The sculpture sits on the rocks close to the ferry jetty. There are several shops near the beach selling things like antiques, jewelry and trinkets.

Places to stay: Some of the best hotels here include Prainha Resort By The Sea(0832 245 3881), The International Centre Goa (0832 245 2805), Pastina Beach Resort (091589 17483) and Cidade de Goa (0832 245 4545).

Places to eat: Bay 15 (0832 245 6231), Prainha Resort By The Sea (0832 245 3881), Peep Kitchen (099237 16430) and Casa Amarilla (0832 245 2456) are some of the best restaurants in Dona Paula.

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14. Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo in Goa - Goa

Bogmalo is a beautiful curving beach with soft sand located near a fishing village, around 27 km south of Panjim. With around a mile of shoreline, this beach is perfect for swimming and sun bathing. Bogmalo beach has an open and broad landscape. You will find coconut grove on one side and few building on the other. Bogmalo Beach Resort, the five-star hotel, is located on top of a small hill near the beach. The beach has the perfect combination of commercialization and natural beauty. There are several shops selling handicraft items. It also offers a variety of water sports like boating, diving and jet skiing. If you like Goan food, then you are at the right place. The best time to visit Bogmalo is between November and March.

Places to stay: The best resorts and hotels in Bogmalo include Bogmallo Beach Resort (0832 253 8222), Coconut Creek Resort (0832 253 8100), Tulip Star Leisure & Health Resorts Limited (0832 253 8188) and Athi Resort (083800 72282).

Places to eat: Do try prawn curry and rice combo at one of the beach shacks. One of the known beach shack in Bogmalo is Seagull. Another famous place to eat is Joel’s. You can also check out Bogmalo Stiff Waves and Claudi’s Corner (097646 78848)

15. Hollant Beach

Photograph courtesy: Goa Observer/Creative Commons

Photograph courtesy: Goa Observer/Creative Commons

Located around 31 km south of Panaji, Hollant beach is one of the hidden gems of Goa. The shallow water draft of this beach makes it safe for swimming. The beach is just 7 km away from Vasco city. It is usually sparsely crowded and is very clean. There is a small path from the beach that will take you to the nearby Cansaulim Beach.

Places to stay: The beach does not have any major hotels or resorts, but there are a few guest houses. You can also rent a villa.

Places to eat: The beach has few shacks that serve delicious sea food.

16. Majorda Beach

Majorda beach is located around 30 km south of Panaji. It is among the most popular beaches of the state. This palm-fringed, white sandy beach with clear water is a sight to behold. The most important landmark in Majorda is Martin’s Corner. This famous restaurant is known for its lip-smacking Goan dishes and paintings by the renowned artist, Mario Miranda. Majorda is also a centre for toddy tapping and baked goods. The best time to visit Majorda is during December as you will be able to witness the colorful and vibrant Goa Christmas Carnival.

Places to stay: Some of the best hotels in Majorda include Alila Diwa Goa (0832 274 6800), The Treehouse Blue (091300 62451), Majorda Beach Resort (0832 288 1111) and Shangrila Beach Hotel (0832 288 1542).

Places to eat: Besides Martin’s Conver, you will find many good restaurants in Majorda. These include Pentagon Restaurant (0832 288 1402), The Camron Restaurant (099224 83479), Elliots Restaurant & Bar (0832 657 0878) and Da Tita (0832 279 1885).

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17. Betalbatim Beach


Betalbatim Beach is located around 31 km south of Panaji. This well-developed and yet quiet beach will make you fall in love with it instantly. The combination of the golden sand and the greenery make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. This long stretch of shoreline with golden sand lined with coconut palms is the place to be is you like watching sunsets. The beach is called the Sunset beach as it offers the most stunning sunset.

Betalbatim is the perfect place to relax. Take a lazy stroll on the beach or just sit down on the sand to view the sunset. You can also go for dolphin spotting or just watch the fishermen pull out their fresh catch. For dolphin spotting, you can ask local fishermen to take you along and pay for the ride. You can also indulge in water sports like Jet Ski. Another attraction is the famous church of St Thomas. There are several restaurants and hotels near the beach. Start your day with a walk on the beach and a hearty breakfast at close by bakeries. The best time to visit Betalbatim is the month of July.

Places to stay: There are many hotels and resorts near the beach. These include A’s Holiday Beach Resort (098223 81029), Nanu Resort (0832 288 0113) and Beleza By The Beach Hotel (0832 278 1300).

Places to eat: Fish”ka Bar&Restaurant (096373 79228), Magzika Beach Shack (098234 81415) and Jasminn by Mango Hotels (0832 288 0444) are some of the restaurants in Betalbatim.

18. Colva Beach

Photograph: Shutterstock

Located around 33km south of Panjim, Colva beach is one of the best beaches in Goa. It is also among the oldest beach in South Goa. The coconut palm fringed coastline is 2.5 km long with white sand. It is one of the popular beaches in the state and is home to some of the most famous and richest people. One of the major tourist attractions here is the Igreja de Nossa Senhora das Merces or the Menino Jesus statue at Colva Church. Thousands of people from across the country visit Colva to attend Colva Church’s annual religious event. The beach offers several water sports like water skiing and paragliding. This beach is also safe for swimming. The best time to enjoy this sandy beach is between October and March.

Places to stay: Colva has many accommodation options including Ocean Crest (091301 56587), C’ Roque Resort (0832 253 2170), Amigo Plaza (0832 278 9285) and Graciano Cottages.

Places to eat: Some of the best restaurants in Colva are The Garden Restaurant (083790 43188), Viva Goa Restaurant (098224 83868) and Leda – Lounge and Restaurant (0832 278 1458).

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19. Benaulim Beach


Benaulim is located around 14 km south of Panaji. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa and is preferred by the international tourists as it is not very crowded. This beach is the perfect holiday destination for those who long for a quiet and peaceful location. This enchanting beach has the perfect combination of sand and greenery. Ideal for sun bathing and relaxing, Benaulim is one of the best-kept secrets of Goa. The beach offers a variety of water games like parasailing, surfing and jet skiing. Another attraction here is the St John the Baptist church located on top of a hill near the beach. The fishermen here are also good artists.

Places to stay: Some of the best hotels in Benaulim include Ashirwaad Holiday Apartments (092705 30781), Ocean Crest (091301 56587) and Taj Exotica (0832 668 3333).

Places to eat: Check out Pedro’s Bar & Restaurant (83905 74159), Blue Corner Restaurant (098504 55770), Cavatina Cuchina, Grill & Bar (0832 722 0607) and Dinha’s Restaurant.

20. Betul Beach

Located around 50km south of Panaji, Betul beach is among the best beaches in the state. Blessed with natural beauty, the beach has silvery white sand. It is surprisingly unknown to the world and is remains deserted. This small beach is perfect for those who want a quiet and relaxing holiday. It is also popular among honeymooners. The beach also has a small rivulet and lagoon.

Places to stay: There are no major resorts or hotels in Betul, but you can book a house on rent near the beach.

Places to eat: Some of the restaurants near Betul beach include Seagull Resort (0832 277 4865), Joe’s River Cove (098900 28818) and The Fishermans Wharf (090110 18866).

21. Agonda Beach


Located 71 km south of Panaji, Agonda has been ranked as the best beach in India. Ideal for a relaxing and romantic holiday, this beach is quieter than other Goan beaches. This beach is a blessing for people looking for solitude and privacy. This pristine beach has 3-km long shoreline, which is the nesting ground for the endangered Olive Ridley turtles. As the beach has rough shells, swimming is not recommended here.

Places to stay: There are several good hotels in Agonda like Tina Beach Resort (077986 80978), Cupid’s Heaven Resort (0832 264 7490), The Duck & Chill (075078 52303) and Cupid’s Heaven Resort (0832 264 7490).

Places to eat: Some of the best restaurants are H2O Agonda (0832 264 7143), Fusion Food Drinks N Fun (080070 40895), Agonda White Sand and Silent Waves (070836 77357).

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22. Palolem Beach


Located around 72 km south of Panaji, Palolem is one of the popular beaches in Goa. This crescent-shaped beach is a beautiful stretch of sandy shore. Blessed with natural beauty, this un-spoilt beach has rock formations in one end. Palolem became popular after it was featured in the movie Bourne Supremacy. It is popular for its nightlife and beach parties. The beach is shallow and depth increases gradually, which makes it ideal for swimming. One of the most identifiable features of Palolem is the sculpture called ‘Give if you can; take if you must’ created by Jacek Tylicki, an American artist. The sculpture is made of stone and is located on an island near the beach. Most of the residents in Palolem are fishermen.

Places to stay: Some of the best hotels in Palolem include Sai Valentine (094224 47981), Wavelet Beach Resort (0832 264 3451) and Tony Cottages Coco Huts (0832 264 3436).

Places to eat: Dropadi Bar & Restaurant (0832 264 4555), Magic Italy Authentic Italian Restaurant Pizzeria (088057 67705), Ourem 88 (086988 27679) and Spicy Bella (096378 08430) are some of the best restaurants in Palolem.


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