View at Akshi beach, Alibag

View at Akshi beach, Alibag

The beaches of Alibaug would be familiar terrain for most Mumbaikars. The beach town lies just a little less than 100 km from the Maximum City, and is often the getaway of choice for beach bums that otherwise spend their nights and earn their livings in the city. Alibaug or Alibag is a base from which you can explore several other beaches nearby, from the secluded Akshi beach (pictured above) to the more popular Nagaon, Revdanda and Kashid. And most people coming to Alibag would prefer their weekend getaways short, sweet and cheap. Alibag has plenty of budget rooms and hotels to choose from. Here are some of the best that you can book online. Keep in mind, though, that hotel tariffs are subject to changes depending on demand and season, and the prices mentioned below are rounded off. ALSO READ: 5 must-visit holiday resorts located in the middle of nowhere
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Ghanvatkar Bunglow Resort – INR 650 per night

The small Ghanvatkar Bunglow Resort comes with a small pool and basic amenities, including hot and cold water, bottled drinking water in the room, laundry and so on. The rooms are cozy and the bungalow lies near the center of Alibag town, on Mandwa Road. There is no restaurant or bar here, though. Prices range from INR 650 for a non-AC room to INR 850 for an AC room, per night. Also Read - Over 19 People Killed in Massive Forest Fire in China’s Sichuan Province

Shivanjali Holiday Home – INR 900 per night

Located in Awas, close to the Mandwa ferry point, Shivanjali Holiday Home is a simple and clean hotel that lies near Awas Beach and a little north of Alibag town. Again, you get the basic amenities like the ones given above, including a small pool. But when you have Awas and Alibag nearby, hitting the beach would be your top priority. Prices range from INR 900 for a non-AC room and INR 1,500 for an AC room. Also Read - BWF Freezes Rankings Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Standings Backdated to March 17 to be Basis For Entry in Future Events

Krushna Kunj Holiday Home – INR 1000 per night

Krushna Kunj Holiday Home is a small bungalow that lies along the Alibag-Rewas road just north of the town proper. While a little further from the beach than the above two, the holiday home makes for a decent place to crash at the end of the day. You get basic amenities, including vehicle rentals, and the average price per room is around INR 1,000 per night.

Vedant Holiday Home – INR 1200 per night

Vedant Holiday Home, according to its management, has a unique ‘real cottage’ concept. Supposedly similar to Kerala-style holiday cottages, Vedant lies on the Nagaon beach road, which is a little south of the town proper. Vedant Holiday Home is a small establishment and can accommodate a group of ten people at most. The amenities available are pretty basic, but the tariffs are relatively affordable at INR 1,200 per night on average. ALSO READ: Picnic spots in Maharashtra for 2-3 days

Jogalekar Cottage – INR 1200 per night

Another hotel that is located in Awas, Jogalekar Cottage is spread across a larger area than Shivanjali and comes with a few more amenities. There is a larger pool here, parking is free but WiFi is not, and children under five years of age can stay for free. There is a restaurant and bar available too. Non-AC rooms are priced at INR 1,200 per night, while AC rooms come at a price of INR 1,500.

Couple on the beach Alibag

Couple on the beach Alibag

Hira Laxmi Hotel – INR 1300 per night

Hira Laxmi Hotel lies along the Sea Face Road of Alibaug and comes with the usual list of amenities, like parking, laundry and more. You also get facilities for the disabled to some extent. There is no restaurant, though food and drinks can be arranged on request. The tariff here is around INR 1,300 per night for a regular non-AC room and can go up to INR 2,300 for a “Super Deluxe” AC room.

Ramakant Hotel – INR 1600 per night

Located conveniently near the State Transport bust stand of Alibag, Ramakant Hotel is a good place for vegetarians. Apart from the usual list of amenities, you get to stay close to the bus stand, making it easy for you to travel to Alibag from Mumbai and back. In case you non-vegetarians feel left out, there is a restaurant right next to the vegetarian one, run by the same management. Prices are around INR 1,600 per night for a room.

Meera Madhav Hotel – INR 1600 per night

This is another hotel that lies near the ST bust stand: Meera Madhav Hotel. The hotel is also priced in roughly the same band as Ramakant, and the amenities you get are comparable as well. Both make for good restaurants in the town center, close to the nearby attractions and beaches. The tariff here ranges from around INR 1,600 per night for a double non-AC room to around INR 2,100 for a Club Suite AC room.

Rejoice Holiday Home – INR 1700 per night

Located on the Alibag-Revdanda Road, Rejoice Holiday Home lies south of the town and closer to the nearby beaches of Revdanda and Kashid, along with the more secluded Akshi. You get the basics and a patio for sitting outside. The place is relatively far from the busy roads and makes for a quiet retreat to spend the weekend night. There is an on-site restaurant as well, according to the management. Prices range from INR 1,700 to INR 1,800, depending on the time of the year.

Cannons on the beach, Alibag

Cannons on the beach, Alibag

Naomi Beach Hotel – INR 1800 per night

The Naomi Beach Hotel lies nearly at the end of the Nagaon Bandar road, within walking distance of the excellent and very popular Nagaon beach. You can check in here, spend the evening in the beach and indulge in watersports, and check out the next day to round up your weekend trip. The amenities are at par with the rest of the hotels in this list, and prices start from around INR 1,800 per night. NOW READ: Top 10 places to visit in Maharashtra in any season

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