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Iceland has captured the imagination of many a tourist in the past few years. The Aurora Borealis, better known to the world as Northern Lights, have made Iceland one of the most popular tourist places in the world. Not only is Iceland one of the best places to view the spectacular phenomenon, it is also the one with the best facilities to do so. And it’s not just the Northern Lights! Iceland is known for its breathtaking landscapes, stunning volcanoes and amazing geysers. The geothermal spa in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon attracts hordes of tourists every year. In fact, bathing in Iceland’s blue lagoon made it to the top of a millennial bucket list last year. Add to it the fact that Iceland does not have a single mosquito and what you have is an irresistible holiday destination full of natural beauty and exciting activities to indulge in. Iceland’s growing popularity gives rise to the all important tourism question – what is the best time to visit Iceland? (DO SEE 19 breathtaking pictures of Icelandic roads are all you need to make your day!) Also Read - Ankita Konwar-Milind Soman's Steamy Chemistry in THIS Picture From Iceland's Blue Lagoon Goes Viral

Best time to visit Iceland

Summer months of June to August are the best time to visit Iceland in terms of the weather and accessibility. During summer, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the green grasslands in the countryside. This is also when none of the roads are blocked by snow making most parts of the country accessible to tourists. As a result, summer is peak tourist season in the country. Two drawbacks of visiting Iceland during summer are — heavy tourist crowds and no Northern Lights. (CHECK OUT Bathing in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is first on top 20 travel bucket list of millennials) Also Read - Ankita Konwar Strikes Sizzling Pose While Taking Dip in Iceland's Blue Lagoon, Viral Picture Will Give You Travel Goals

Iceland 2

The spring months of April to May is also a good time to visit Iceland since the roads start opening up and there are no snow blizzards anymore. This is when there are fewer people on the streets and you can enjoy the hospitality of the pleasant locals as well as the scenic beauty of the countryside. September to November is the beginning of winters and the Northern Lights season which means the tourist season starts warming up around this time.

If you have Northern Lights on your mind, then the best time to visit Iceland for you would be during the winter months of December to April. This is when all the Northern Lights tours get booked up pretty quickly. It is the season of snow and if you are fine with the cold, it can be quite majestic to be in Iceland during winter. Not to forget, celebrating Christmas in such an atmosphere will be an experience in itself! NOW SEE These 15 stunning photographs of the Northern Lights will take your breath away!

So, now you know where you should be heading for your next International trip! Few places on the planet are as magical as Iceland when it comes to natural beauty. Every nook and corner of the country has something to draw your attention towards it. Visit Iceland for a memorable experience and the holiday of a lifetime.

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