Kaas plateau in Maharashtra's Satara region

Kaas plateau in Maharashtra’s Satara region

Known as the Valley of Flowers of Maharashtra, Kaas plateau in Satara is one of the most scenic places to visit in the state. It makes for an amazing getaway for people living in cities like Mumbai and Pune. Located near the popular hill station of Mahabaleshwar, the Kaas plateau, or Kaas pathar as it is called in Marathi, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The rains make the flowers bloom and the breathtaking landscape of the plateau comes to life making Kaas a popular attraction. From purple to white to green to yellow, the colorful flowers stretching across the huge plateau is a sight for sore eyes. The flora of Kaas is typically restricted to its region due to the nature of soil covering the vast expanse of basalt here. (ALSO SEE Top 10 places to visit in Maharashtra in any season)



There is a nominal entry fee of Rs 50 per person for three hours (Rs 100 on weekends and public holidays). Only 3000 visitors are allowed per day in slots of 750 visitors each every 3 hours from 7 am to 7 pm. It is important to note that although the monsoons begin in June, the flowers in Kaas plateau bloom only in late August. So, the best time to visit Kaas plateau is during the month of September or early October. The bloom lasts only two to three weeks so if you want to enjoy the splendid view of the colorful wild flowers sprawling across vast fields, plan your trip wisely. The drive to Kaas plateau from Mumbai during the monsoon season is a beautiful road trip experience in itself! (NOW SEE 5 unique trips in Maharashtra that you mustn’t miss!)

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