Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India, is famous for its huge forest cover, tigers and numerous temples. But not many know that it also houses an archaeological wonder and world heritage site called Bhimbetka rock shelters. These rock shelters could be dated to the Mesolithic times and mostly depicts lives and culture of the gathering and hunting communities of those times in Madhya Pradesh. There are around five clusters comprising around 600 rock structures displaying this amazing art. Colour paintings of animals ranging from bisons, wild boars to tigers. You will also find an exquisite colourful peacock here. You are sure to be spellbound by the raw beauty of these structures.

Visiting these murals will give you a peek into the history of the life and times our ancestors. This is the must visit place for history buffs. And for those who are not so crazy about history, you would still want to visit this place again for you will never be able to stop clicking pictures.


How to get there?

This site, located at the foot of Vindhya mountain ranges in Bhopal was not accessible till was excavated in around 1950s. Nearest airport and railway station is Bhopal. Nearest town is Hoshangabad and can be reached by all available means of transport.


Timings and fare

The site is open from 6.30 am to 5.30 pm. Fares for visiting this heritage site is as follows.

Rs 10 per person for Indians
Rs 100 per person for NRIs
Rs 100 per mini bus for Indians
Rs 400 per mini bus for foreign tourist