One of the most beautiful places in Himachal, Bilaspur is a treasure trove of gorgeous snowy peaks, fast flowing rivers, deep gorges, mountain lakes, sweeping valleys, lush meadows, beautiful temples and monasteries. You can also indulge in a lot of adventure activities here such as trekking, paragliding, skiing, skating and playing golf. However, for the best sightseeing experience, these are the places you must explore.

Legend has it, that Bilaspur was once submerged under Gobind Sagar Lake. Today, however, it’s one of the major attractions here. Surrounded by hills, this lake is as scenic as it gets. From fishing to a range of water sports such as boating, kayaking, zorbing, and motor boat racing, there’s tons to do here.

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Another great attraction is the Vyas Cave; the place where Sage Vyas had once meditated. It is almost a pilgrimage spot; Sage Vyas had penned the story of the Mahabharata, a famous Indian epic.

Then located about 58km from the town of Bilaspur, Sariun Fort is situated at a height of 1500m above sea level. Made completely out of stones, the local people believe that the stones used in building the fort will never be used to build a house again.

Talking of forts, Bahadurpur Fort, situated on top of Bahadurpur Hill, deserves a visit as well. The fort is about 40km away from the town, and the drive is the most scenic courtesy the beautiful deodar and ban trees dotting the way. Though it lies in ruins, it affords a surreal panoramic view of Ratanpur Fort, Swarghat, Fatehpur Fort, Naina Devi Hill, the plains of Ropar and the mountains of Shimla.

The nearest airport is in Chandigarh, 135km away, and the nearest railheads is at Kiratpur Sahib (60km) and at Shimla, about 108 km away.