King Suyash Dixit - Image: Facebook

King Suyash Dixit – Image: Facebook

Travel takes us to places far and wide and sometimes makes us do phenomenal things. Take Indian traveler Suyash Dixit for instance. His wanderlust took him to the desert land of Bir Tawil, tucked away between the borders of Egypt and Sudan. And not just that! The avid Game of Thrones follower did not have just tourism on his mind when he visited this obscure destination. He wanted to claim it and reign over it. Declaring himself the “King of the land” and naming the place “Kingdom of Dixit”, Suyash has made some waves on the Internet. Here is his remarkable Facebook post: Also Read - Kingdom of Dixit: After Indian Man Stakes Claim, American Says he Already Owns Unclaimed Land; But There's a Twist

Posted by Suyash Dixit on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 Also Read - Indian Explorer Suyash Dixit Travels to No Man's Land Near Egypt And Declares Himself The 'King'

While we aren’t sure how long Suyash’s claim will stand, here are some interesting facts about Bur Tawil you should know.

Bir Tawil is a 800 sq.miles stretch of land along the southern border of Egypt and northern border of Sudan.

Bir Tawil belongs to no country. It is perhaps the only place on earth where humans can live and survive without being part of any state/country. ALSO SEE Top 10 Most Visited Cities in the World in 2017

It is often referred to as the Bir Tawil triangle, though its shape is actually quadrilateral.

Bir Tawil triangle is surrounded by the Hala’ib Triangle for which Egypt asserts the political boundary, and Sudan asserts the administrative boundary. As a result, the Hala’ib Triangle is claimed by both countries, and Bir Tawil by neither.

Suyash Dixit is not the first person to lay claim on the territory of Bir Tawil. Multiple other individuals have claimed ownership of this land including Jack Shenker, a journalist who visited the land in 2011 for an article and even planted a yellow flag here, and Jeremiah Heaton, an American citizen who visited in 2014 and claimed it as the Kingdom of North Sudan. None of these claims have been taken seriously or recognized by any government of International organization.

While claiming the territory may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it may be an interesting expedition to check out this no man’s land that has captured the attention of many an offbeat traveler. What about you? Would you ever include Bir Tawil in your bucket list? For now, it seems like we should stand up and say “Hail King Suyash!”