About 153km from Mumbai, and 17km from Dahanu, Bordi is a gorgeous seaside hamlet in Maharastra. If you’re a beach lover, and need a break from the busy city life, this is just the place for you. Apart from beaches, this place is also known for its temples, caves and dams and stunning chikoo orchards.

While there are no luxury resorts in this small town, there’s no dearth of simple home-stays that give you ample rustic feel. The main beach here is the Bordi Beach, surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty. The golden sand of the beach is ideal for a long stroll or to catch a surreal sunset.

Another great attraction is the Kalpataru Botanical Garden, located in Umbergaon. While the garden is a treat to the eyes throughout the year, they’re especially delightful during the monsoons. The famous Vrindavan Studios are also in Umbergaon, where bulk of the TV epic Ramayana was shot. You can also pay a visit to the Mallinath Jain Tirth Kosbad Temple, nearby.

About 8km from Bordi, Bahrot Caves on the Bahrot Hills are popular and for good reason. The hills at located at a whopping 1,500 feet and are considered to be sacred by the Parsi community. A celebration is held inside the cave every year to commemorate all the brave men who had once sacrificed their lives to save Iran Shah Atash Behram.

One of the biggest lakes in Bordi, the Depchari Dam and Reservoir is well known for its calmness and serenity. Asavli Dam, too is a must-visit, for its gorgeous green lake and the rolling hills on all sides. Famous as a picnic spot, it’s construction is said to be similar to the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

Bordi is also famous for its lip smacking seafood. The surmai, pomfret and Bombay duck with sol kadi are highly recommended dishes to try.