It’s time for another round of “Guess the Place”. Every once in a while, you show you a picture of an exciting travel destination and ask you to guess which place it is. By doing so, we hope that you will be introduced to a new place and will add it to your travel bucket list. Today, we bring to you a historical monument located in India. As you know, India is home to a number of historical monuments that take you back in time. Now a part of India’s rich heritage, these monuments are worth visiting at least in your life if you want to know more about the country. One such monument is our pick for today’s Guess the Place! Not only is it known for its stunning architecture, it is also popular for the history associated with it. Can you guess which place this is? Also Read - Guess the Place Contest: Do You Know the Names of These 5 Indian Temples?

Guess The Place

Let us know your answer in the comments section. Let’s see how many of you get it right!