A vacation is the time to switch off, unwind and break away from the monotony of daily life. All of us need a vacation every once in a while but how often does your smartphone get one? For many of us, our smartphone is one of the most essential things to pack. And with free WiFi, better connectivity and lower charges, we never completely go off the grid. Even on holidays, we make sure we share our photos on social media the instant we click them and then constantly check our phones for who’s liked it and commented on it. Also Read - How to Experiment With Colours in Your Style: Tips to Combine Unusual Colours in Your Outfit

If it is not photos, it is the travel apps that we want to use or the GPS or call someone. Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives and we probably can’t put them away even on holidays. Do you think you can survive a vacation without your phone? How likely are you to buy a new phone on a trip if you lose your current one? How long can you go without checking your phone’s notifications. And most of all, can you completely switch off from the world on your vacation? If you need answers to these, take this short quiz right away. Answer a few questions and you’ll find out if indeed you can survive a vacation without your priced possession, your smartphone! Also Read - SSC Releases Revised Dates For Various Exams, Check New Schedule Here

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