Nine days, 11,000 feet above sea level, and a frozen river: these are the ingredients that make the Chadar Trek, one of the most difficult trekking trails in Leh, Ladakh. This is where you see the harshness of the Leh landscape at its rawest, and it attracts an increasing number of people from all over India every year. Here are some images that capture the trek in its magnificence, and if you plan on trekking up the Himalayas, here are some tips to help you prepare.Also Read - How About Movie Watching Experience at World’s Highest Movie Theatre in India? Check Interesting Facts

The Chadar Trek covers around 75 km and takes roughly nine days to complete

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The trek connects the Zanskar valley to the village of Chiling Sumda

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Chiling serves as the trailhead and base from which the trek starts


The trek is best done in the winter months, especially in February when the ice is most stable

Chadar Trek 2

The Chadar Trek takes you from Chiling to Padum, with locals to help you along

Chadar Trek 3

Along the way, you get to walk on the frozen river and cross the Zanskar gorge

Chadar Trek 4

The Chadar  Trek exposes you to some of the harshest climate in India


And the dangers of the trek bring you closer to yourself

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