Living and travelling to different destinations become fun when you are rich. But having a tight pocket doesn’t mean you can’t have the pleasure of discovering new destinations at least in India. If you are a traveholic and looking for a budget-friendly picturesque location in India to visit, you have reached the right place. There is an array of beautiful destinations in the country, where you can enjoy the luxury and have a quintessential experience even without going above your budget. Here we tell you about such Indian places.


Nestled along the banks of the river Parvati in Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is a popular tourist destination. This small village is also known as the Amsterdam of India. If you love being in the lap of nature, Kasol is one of the best locations in India to visit. Snow-capped mountains, calming rivers, and lush greenery in Kasol give a stunning view to capture. The place promises to give you a feeling of living in heaven.


Puducherry is a dreamy escape that gives you a bit of both Indian culture and French architecture. One of the nine union territories in India, Puducherry is known for the royal feel it provides. The beautiful bougainvillea laden walls, the cozy cafes and mouth-watering French cuisine are enough to give you an insight into the charm of Puducherry.


Popular for its beautiful beaches, mesmerizing sunset, and crazy nightlife, Goa is one of the most fun places in India. Visiting this smallest Indian state won’t cost you much. Also, the delectable dishes and alcohol are quite cheap in the city. Nestled on the west coast, Goa has a fairytale charm that attracts travellers around the world. The beautiful architecture in the city gives a feeling of living in the colonial era. Notably, Goa used to be a former Portuguese colony.