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If someone told you May was a bad time to visit Goa, then it was clearly someone who has either not visited Goa in this month or has gone to all the wrong places. Goa is pretty much an all-year destination and shines in a separate aspect every month of the year. For the true-blue traveler, there is no BAD time to be in Goa! May is the month when Goa is the hottest, no doubt. Temperatures go up to 36 degree C. But this is a blessing in disguise as it drives away most people who can’t stand the sun. So, if you can manage the heat, Goa opens up a huge array of options for you. Sometimes, it gives you the luxury of having an entire beach to yourself. You can get the perfect tan around this time and if you’re not up for it, some lavish resorts drop down their rates so you can just stay indoors and swim in the pool. Also Read - Beachgoers Beware! Goa Beaches Invaded By Jellyfish Swarms, Sting Over 90 People In Just 2 Days

However, if you are a beach bum and nothing can stop you from hitting the ocean, here are five best beaches of Goa to visit in the hot month of May: Also Read - Good News, Beach Lovers! North Goa’s Candolim, Calangute, and Anjuna Beach Shacks Likely to Open from November

1. Palolem beach

Image: abmiller99/Creative Commons

Image: abmiller99/Creative Commons

Voted by many as one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa and one of the most scenic in the country, Palolem is a delightful vacation spot dotted with palm trees and a hill in the backdrop. You can stay at a shack right on the beach, go for early morning jogs and just relax in your front yard with a book during the day. At night, you can head to one of the parties which never stop no matter what the season!

2. Colva beach

Image: Parthiv Haldipur/Creative Commons

Image: Parthiv Haldipur/Creative Commons

The best place to witness local Goan culture and food is Colva. The white sand beach is usually not crowded and is almost untouched during May. You can lie down by the trees, eat at the local food joints and even go for a swim under the supervision of the lifeguards. The view and ambiance here are often considered the best in Goa for those who like a local flavor to their vacations.

3. Morjim beach


Popular as the nesting site for Olive Ridley sea turtles, Morjim beach is as beautiful in May as it is the rest of the year. There are a number of Russians living here giving it the sobriquet of ‘Little Russia’. It is the place to be if you are craving for a quiet and serene time day.

4. Anjuna beach


One of the most happening beaches of North Goa, Anjuna is surrounded by amazing places to eat, drink and dance. Be it Curlies which is the abode of tourists who love to dance through the night or backpackers looking for hostels to put up for a month or so, Anjuna has it all. It remains vibrant throughout May and the beach is perfect to take a jog in the morning or watch the sunset in the evening. The Roadhouse hostel is a great place to spend a few days, make new friends and find out what’s hot in the rest of Goa.

5. Baga beach


This one might come as a surprise as many travelers like to stay away from Baga due to the heavy commercialization here. However, the great thing about May is it drives away most of the crowds from Baga making it a viable option for those who would like to explore this historic beach which was once the hub of hippies.