Marina beach in Chennai should probably top your list if you’re visiting the city. Especially because the lighthouse located at the beach gives a breath-taking, panoramic view of the entire city. Touted as the longest beach in the country; it runs along the Bay of Bengal and is 13 km long.

It is an iconic place and adds character to the city. Much like the Marine Drive in Mumbai. However, the latter isn’t really a beach, it’s more like a shoreline. The lighthouse located right by the Marina beach is surprisingly missed out on by a lot of travellers and even locals. Therefore, it’s absolutely imperative to remember to take a trip to the lighthouse when visiting the beach. You’ll be surprised at what it has to offer; gorgeous, sweeping panoramic views of the city. Even on hot afternoons, the weather up there is quite breezy and cool. There is also a museum at the entrance for people who wish to visit.

Apart from the lighthouse, the beach in itself is enough for you to have a great evening. Sitting on the sand, listening to the sound of the waves and watching the shades of the sky change colours when the sun goes down will fill you with a sense of peace and calm often missing in big cities. There are also food stalls selling everything from hot bajjis, sea food, to ice creams and spring potatoes.

While walking you can spot the many lovely buildings and be amazed at their colonial style architecture — from University of Madras’ Senate House to Presidency College and Fort St George, and more. You will even find statues in honour of Mahatma Gandhi and memorials of famous politicians like MGR and Annadurai. It’s a full package where you also get a dose of history and culture at this beach.