Photograph: Wikimedia Commons

Photograph: Wikimedia Commons

We are just two days away from Chhath Puja 2017. Come October 26 and the whole of Bihar will bask in the glorious festival of Chhath. Prominent mostly in north India, Chhath is celebrated to honor the Sun god and his wife Usha. The festival is celebrated with great pomp in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Devotees observe fasts, offer prayers and worship the sun God for prosperity and well-being. It is also a day to express gratitude to the sun for the several gifts bestowed upon beings of the earth. Chhath is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly Hindu festivals. It is marked by the Chhath puja and other rigorous rituals like fasting, abstaining from drinking water, standing in water for long hours and offering food to the rising and setting sun. Bihar is naturally the best place to witness Chhath puja celebration in India. On this day, famous Sun temples all over India are decorated and hold glorious prayer sessions for devotees. If you wish to see how Chhath is celebrated in Bihar, you must visit one of the following sun temples in Bihar on the day of Chhath puja 2017. Also Read - Man Beaten to Death in Bihar's Sitamarhi For Informing Police About COVID-19 Suspects

Deo Sun temple

The sun temple at Deo is one of Bihar’s most famous temples and attracts devotees all year round. It is located in the Aurangabd district, 150 km from the capital Patna. It is believed that this is where the ancient king Aila of Prayaga was cured of his leprosy. Also Read - 'Nitish Must Quit,' Says Prashant Kishor as he Tweets Video of Workers Locked up in Bihar

Address: Deo, Bihar 824202 Also Read - Coronavirus in Bihar: What Self-isolation? Hospitals Blamed For Failing to Contain Spread

Phone: 097001 48386

Kandaha Sun Temple

Another temple worth isitng in Bihar is the Kandaha Sun temple. It is a small, beautiful, red sandstone shrine that locals hold very dear.

Address: Sun Temple Rd,SAHARSA, Kandaha, Bihar 852216

Phone: 072504 17145

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Surya Mandir

Another sun temple in the Aurangabd district of Bihar is the Surya Mandir. This temple attracts a number of Indian and foreign tourists during Chhath puja as it is affine place to witness the Hindu rituals and traditions followed on the auspicious day.

Address: Thakurbari Rd, Aurangabad, Bihar 824101

Phone: 073011 49581

Surajpur Sun temple

The little village was actually named after the sun god himself. So, it is obvious that the sun temple here will be significant for the locals. It is famous for its Chhath puja celebrations and attracts devotees from all over the state and the country.

So, make the most of Chhath puja 2017 and visit one of these famous Sun temples in Bihar to get a slice of Hindu culture, customs and traditions.