Chhath Puja 2017 is just round the corner. For the uninitiated, Chhath Puja is a Hindu Vedic festival celebrated to honor the Sun and his wife Usha. Devotees pay their respects on this day to thank the Sun for the countless gifts bestowed upon residents of the earth. The festival is mainly celebrated in Bihar, where it originated. A number of cities, town and villages in the state celebrate the festival of Chhath Puja with great pomp. However, where you can really witness the best Chhath puja celebrations is the marvelous Sun temples of the country. India is home to several sun temples which are venues for the most devoted and sensational Chhath puja celebrations. Come October 26 and devotees will flock these sun temples to celebrate Chhath Puja 2017 in all its glory. Here are some famous Sun temples in India to witness the best Chhath puja celebrations.Also Read - Bride Refuses to Get Married After Saat Pheras, Walks Out of Mandap Just Before The Sindoor Ceremony | Here's Why

Sun Temple, Konark

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Located along India’s eastern coastline in Odisha, the Konark Sun temple is one of India’s most revered and popular temples. Built in the 13th century, the ancient temple attracts devotees all year round but especially during Chhath puja celebrations. The exemplary Orissan architecture of the Ganga dynasty is admired by many a traveler. Also Read - MP Govt Aircraft Carrying Remdesivir Drug Crash-Lands At Gwalior Airport, Pilot Co-pilot Suffer Injury

Sun Temple, Ranchi

Sun Temple Ranchi

Known for its magnificent architecture, the Sun temple is one of Ranchi’s prime tourist attractions. Its structure comprises a huge chariot with 18 wheels and 7 horses. Devotees visit the temple all year round. There is a pond in the temple complex which devotees believe to be sacred.

Sun Temple, Gwalior

Sun Temple Gwalior

One of Gwalior’s most famous spots is the Sun temple or Surya Mandir which is known for its architectural brilliance. It is built on the lines of the legendary Konark Sun temple and allures devotees and tourists with its red sandstone and white marble architecture.

Sun Temple, Gaya

The Dakshinaarka temple in Bihar’s Gaya is dedicated to the Sun god and is therefore also called the Sun temple. It is an ancient shrine and is a prime pilgrim spot for those Hindus who visit Gaya to make offerings (pind daan) to the deceased. Although simple in architecture, its religious significance makes the Sun temple in Gaya highly popular.

Sun Temple, Modhera

Sun Temple Modhera

Located in the Modhera village in Gujarat, the Sun temple is believed to have been built in 1026 AD during the Chalukya rule. This historic temple is a must-visit on account of its ancient architecture and religious significance. The three components of the temple complex are gudhamandapa (main hall), sabhamandapa (assembly hall) and kunda (reservoir).

Sun Temple, Katarmal

Located in the spectacular land of Almora in Uttarakhand, the Katarmal Sun temple is blessed with breathtaking views all around. It is believed to be 800 years old. The temple complex is home to around 45 small shrines and attracts devotees from all over India.

So, if you wish to witness Chhath puja 2017 in all its glory or just get awed by some history and architecture, visit one of these Sun temples in India to pay your respects.