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For the fourth year, Coffee Santhe is coming to vibrant Bengaluru, bringing you exactly what it promises: the best coffee from around India. The coffee festival, aptly held in Karnataka, where some of the best beans are grown in the country, will happen at the Chitrakala Parishath in Bengaluru and run from December 1 to 3, 2017. Coffee estates from around the world will be showcasing their produce, and there will be a lot more activities and events, all based on the beloved beverage. ALSO READ: Bengaluru Heli Taxis May Soon Fly You to the Airport Also Read - Bengaluru Oncologist Raises Hopes, Claims To Be Close To Discovering A Cure For Covid-19

The unique coffee festival, which should bring coffee lovers from all over India together, is being organized by the India Chapter of the Women’s Coffee Alliance. You’ll be able to drink special coffee brews by the best in the business, as well as coffee stems to grow your own plant at home and artifacts from the coffee production, roasting and grinding process. You’ll also get to learn a lot more about the coffee production process through the educational sessions being planned. They’ll be covering all kinds of brewing techniques and equipment used, as well as coffee trends in different countries. Also Read - Bengaluru Police Will Arrest People With Home Quarantine Stamp if Found Out-of-Doors

You can also expect new coffee launches at the Coffee Santhe, along with fun events like a talent show and coffee art contest. The first two days will see the Women Stars Brewing Skills Championship, which is something you definitely should not miss. Funds from the festival will be used for the benefit of women who work the coffee plantations and their daughters. Also Read - Coronavirus: Bengaluru Rail Official Suspended For Hiding Her COVID-19 Positive Son in Guest House

At Coffee Santhe, you’ll get to learn about some new coffee blends, food pairings with your coffee beverages, and new strains of coffee that have been developed. The Brewing championship will pit women baristas from across India against each other, to win a chance to train with some of the craziest coffee talents in the world. This is one festival that you definitely won’t sleep through! NOW READ: 10 Best restaurants in Bangalore that locals swear by!

The Women’s Coffee Alliance, as you may have guessed by now, works for the benefit of women coffee plantation workers. Women play a major role in bringing you the coffee produced at plantations in places like Coorg, Chikmagalur and Bababudan. The alliance works to support the education of their daughters and also provide food and health insurance to the women themselves.