Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary has a favourable climate all year round, which means that you can get your dose of wildlife and nature whenever you want. But if you had to pick, in the months between October to March, the humidity is at a minimum level making your visit slightly more pleasant. Nowhere else will you be able to find such splendour and beauty in Andhra Pradesh.

If you’re interested in photography and can spend admiring nature for hours then Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary will not disappoint you. The beautiful forests, meandering streams, colourful species of birds and butterflies and a poised atmosphere certainly makes it an alluring escape for every traveller.

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Repost from @rakesh.pulapa ‘Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary’~ The Untouched Beauty. . This part of Coringa wildlife sanctuary in Kakinada is still a hidden gem as it’s not easily accessible. I Woke up at 3am and took a boat with @srikanthwildlife at 6am near Kakinada. Almost took 4 hours for us to reach this breathtaking location where mangrove forest meets Bay of Bengal. But unfortunately didn’t have much to stay there due to upcoming high tide. We took around 8 hours of boat ride just to take 40 mins of aerial shots but it’s all worth it and it’s one hell of an experience to see this beauty in my own backyard. Who says aerial photography is easy ? . • • • ❤Don’t forget to double tap❤ [With our posts, We’ll never let u miss our hometown 🏡🏙 Again.🤗]✔ • ✳➖✳➖✳➖✳➖✳➖✳ 🔖Tag us in Kakinada 📸’s & 📹’s to repost. ~Respect to all Photographers✌️👌 ✳➖✳➖✳➖✳➖✳➖✳ 🔘Follow ➡ @KakinadaUpdates 👥Facebook ➡ /KakinadaUpdates 📺YouTube ➡ /KakinadaUpdates ✳➖✳➖✳➖✳➖✳➖✳ • • #Coringa #Drone #Kakinada #smartcity #KakinadaSmartCity #AndhraPradesh #Andhra #EastGodavari #Godavari #Vizag #Vijayawada #cocanada #KakinadaUpdates #hyderabad #wildlife #biodiversity #apfd #forestdepartment #andhrapradeshtourism #mangroves #wetland #wildifephotography #photography #dronestagram #river #kakinadasmartcity #kakinadabeach #fishingcat #fcc

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Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary is mainly famous for its population of critically endangered long-billed vultures and white-backed vultures. However, you also get to spot certain other species of birds, such as the painted stork, spot-billed pelicans, pied kingfisher, flamingoes and the little cormorant. It looks like a vibrant world painted in all the rainbow hues inside this park.

Apart from avian fauna, the sanctuary has a fair population of golden jackal, sea turtle and fishing cat, and a healthy breeding population of smooth-coated otter. The sanctuary has an 18km long sand pit where Olive Ridley sea turtles nest from January to March every year. Home to the saltwater crocodile once upon a time, the efforts of reintroducing it into the sanctuary hasn’t been successful till now.

The region of the park is also abundantly rich in mangrove forests. However, you can also witness the beauty of other species of plants and flowers, such as dalbergia, annual seablite, salicornia and seepweeds. Another activity that you can do here is enjoy boating in its beautiful backwaters;  the peaceful aura providing the perfect ambiance for some meditation and introspection. The nearest airport from here is the Rajahmundry Airport about 70km away.  Visakhapatnam is about 165km from here.