Dayara Bugyal, a gorgeous high altitude meadow at an elevation of 3,408 metres in Uttarkashi is what dreams are made of. It is an epitome of beauty and can be accessed via trekking. From Uttarkashi, one can head up to Raithal or Barsu village by road and then trek for about 6km to reach ‘nature’s own garden.’

Dayara Bugyal has some great elements of a perfect Himalayan trek; it offers stupendous mountain views, takes you through dense forests, offers scope for campsites, makes a stop at ancient villages, and much more. It is an easy to moderate trek and a must for anybody looking for some thrill in the mountains.

Soon after you start your trek from Raithal, you enter a lovely mixed forest of oak, maple, rhododendron and pine. The trek to Dayara Bugyal is an entire’s day work; however, once you enter the grand meadows of Dayara, with Mt. Bandarpoonch forming the backdrop, you will literally feel all your exhaustion melt away. Other peaks that you can clearly see from here are those of Mt. Srikanth, Draupadi Ka Danda, Jaonli and Bhagirath.

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#Repost @kneha_kaprawan_・・・ Dayara Bugyal Memories कुछ साल पहले हमें भी दयारा बुग्याल जाने का मौका मिला प्रकृति के नजारों को तलाश करने 28 लोगों का ग्रुप इस ट्रेक की ओर चला चलो बाय लक ही सही ऊपर वाले ने हमें इन वादियों में जाने का मौका तो दिया मेरे साथ साथ इन हसीन वादियों का बहुत लोगो ने आनंद लिया खूबसूरत नज़ारे दिखने को मिलेंगे इस उम्मीद पर हम थे कई ने कैमरे में तस्वीरें कैद की और कई ने दिमाग और दिल में क्योंकि उस समय फ़ोन का इस्तेमाल करने वाले बहुत कम थे मंत्रमुग्ध मै और मेरा मन इन नजारों को देखकर हुआ दिल बाग़ बाग़ होने लगा उस पल जब हथेलियों ने दयारा के उन छोटे छोटे पौधों को छुआ – Kneha Kaprwan पहले तो इन फोटोज का क्रेडिट जाता है @the_mountainboy @khan.isa @indiahikes @peace.wanderer @Manish0793 @Meghabisht12 को क्योंकि जिस साल मै इस जगह गयी थी तो उस वक्त मै फ़ोन से थोडा दूर थी . तो ये इंस्टा से कॉपी कर दी 🙏🙏🙏 Very Soon i will upload my Dayara story on my insta account @i_story_lover .. #naturephotography #nature #photography #dayarabugyal #green #environment #environmental #environments #Trees #naturelovers #nature_good #feelgoods #photoshoot #Photosislove #bugyal #dogs #photoshoot #Natural #Camera

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In fact, as you climb to the high points of these meadows such as Dayara Top and Bakaria Top, you will be afforded striking views of the whole of the Gangotri Range, and Bandarpoonch unveiling itself completely.

Interestingly, trekking here takes on a different hue every season. If you are planning a trip in the monsoons, you will see thousands of yellow, violet and white flowers sprinkled across the meadows. During autumn, these meadows turn golden and the clear skies give way to sharp mountain views. And in winters, the meadows as well as the mountain caps lie under a spell of spectacular white. It is an all-season trek, and a must for every adventure loving discerning traveller.