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How many times have you taken a flight and wondered if your luggage will reach you at your destination without getting misplaced? The anxious wait at the baggage belt is as annoying as it is nerve-wracking. But one of the major air line carriers is about to change this. Delta Air Lines has rolled out a promised update to its current app combining it with the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. Delta announced that the barcode method of tracking bags will be replaced with the new system at 84 airports that Delta serves. (ALSO SEE How to book cheap flight tickets) Also Read - Will Delhi Open Borders From June 8? Kejriwal Likely to Decide Today

The reason why this is big news is that this technology has already shown 99.9 per cent accuracy which means that after other stop gaps, the accuracy can be maintained. This means a great deal of improvement in real-time tracking of the luggage throughout the travel. A red light/green light system is to be used by belt loaders to identify those bags which have been misplaced and are on the wrong belt. Not just that, if sensors indicate that a bag is headed to a wrong place, the belt will just shut down so that the bag can be traced and redirected. Also Read - Sunlight Spots! Anushka Sharma Shares Mesmerising Sun-kissed Picture, Hubby Virat Kohli is All Lovestruck

What is fantastic is that travelers can actually use the Delta app to track their baggage real time on a map. There were previous iterations of this app which allowed text-based tracking of baggage but this is a way more efficient system giving travelers the ability to physically see the location of their baggage at the airport level.

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This video details the entire baggage tracking process and shows why it is so efficient:

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