While it’s always a good time to drive around the ghats of Karnataka, going during the monsoons just amplifies your experience. Devimane Ghat falls on the way between Kumta to Sirsi; it’s located at a sharp curve on the hilly roads of Western Ghats.

A small Devi Temple beside the ghat is where Devimane Ghat derives its name from. Surrounded by lush evergreen thick forests and the misty mountains of the Western Ghat, Devimane is a sanctuary of pure bliss for the nature enthusiasts.

There’s a dedicated viewpoint at Devimane that affords stunning views of the surrounds, as well as a temple of Kshetrapaleshwara that people believe protects the surrounding areas. Travellers going through this ghat usually stop here and offer money, coconut, fruits and flowers to the God and pray for a safe journey. Even public buses stop here to offer prayers to the God.

Devimane is also home to a protected reserve forest area that belongs to the Forest Department of Karnataka. If you’re interested in botany, this is the place for you; many medicinal plants, trees and herbs are found here in abundance.

Among the waterfalls, Benne Hole Falls is the most beautiful around this time. In Kannada, ‘benne’ means butter and ‘hole’ means a big stream. The name refers to the beauty of the cascading milky white appearance of the waterfall. While reaching here is a task, the serenity of the place is well worth the effort. You can also go for a swim here.

Another one is the Shivaganga Falls, located about 45km from Sirsi. Surrounded by thick forests, Shivaganga is a unique waterfall in the Western Ghats; it is located on the border of the three taluks of Sirsi, Yellapur and Ankola in Karnataka. The river falling from a height of 74m into a deep valley covered with evergreen flora presents an enchanting view.