Goa is really an all-year destination. However, not many people would associate Goa as a destination for a Diwali weekend. Diwali 2017 is underway and will go on till October 21. Most people in India have holidays on Thursday, October 19 and Friday, October 20. As a result, you have a long weekend on your hands and if you want to get away from the Diwali festivities, there is no better way than to get out of town for a while. And what better place for a rejuvenating and happy vacation than Goa?! Goa during Diwali can be a very pleasant surprise. Here are a few reasons to visit Goa on the Diwali 2017 long weekend. Also Read - Marathi Language Day 2020: Govt to Table Bill For Making Marathi Compulsory in Schools Today

Lesser crowds

Beautiful Goa landscape

Beautiful Goa landscape

From Mumbai to Delhi to Kolkata, every city has its share of Goa lovers who flock this amazing beach and party land whenever they get a long weekend. However., Diwali time is different. Most people need to stay back home for their puja and some family time. This means Goa is bound to be comparatively less crowded during the Diwali weekend. Also Read - Indians Onboard Quarantined Cruise-liner Will be Back Soon: Envoy

Festive offers

Goa, like other parts of India, too takes Diwali quite seriously. This means that the state will have its own set of festive offers and deals for travelers. You should be able to avail some good discounts on accommodation, food and drinks. Also Read - Sara Ali Khan Rides Modified Tuk-Tuk as Brother Ibrahim Ali Khan Sits Back During Goa Vacay, Pictures go Viral

Diwali celebration in Goa


You might have visited Goa several times but always for its beaches and parties. You can explore a different aspect of the beautiful state this time by visiting the interiors and taking part in Diwali celebrations, which are as vibrant and zestful as the rest of India.

Better rates as it predates the peak season

Peak season in Goa begins around November which means the Diwali weekend in October will still be subject to cheaper rates and lesser crowds.

October weather



October is when the weather in Goa can be quite pleasant. The rains subside by this time leaving behind lush green farmlands and hillocks. It becomes easier to move around on bikes and scooters.

So, if you are planning a trip on the long Diwali weekend, your favourite tourist spot Goa might not be a bad choice. You may end up exploring a side of it you’ve never seen before.