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There is something about the ocean that mesmerizes you. May be its the sheer size of it. May be its the diverse life it holds within and how different it is from what we see on land. It is an overwhelming form of beauty which we can never get enough of. This is why every time you see pictures of videos of the ocean, it is like opening yourself to a different, enchanting world which keeps you hooked. And these days, thanks to drones, you have access to some of the most amazing footage from the ocean. What we see and know about aquatic life today is far ore than a just a couple of years ago thanks to the advance in technology. (ALSO SEE Ever wondered how does it look under the sea after dark? Watch video!) Also Read - World Environment Day 2020: From Planting Trees to Controlling Industrial Waste, 5 Things One Should Continue Doing Post Lockdown Period

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In one such adventurous and amazing shoot at Avoca beach on Australia’s eastern coastline, Brett Beswick captured something simply stunning. He managed to film the oceanic interaction of six sharks, a seal and a huge sting ray — who were all feeding on and around an enormous school of salmon. He used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to capture this video which is special for several reasons. First, it is impossible to capture something like this from the shore. Second, it is a brilliant work of photography (with some stroke of luck, of course) that lets us in on a day in the lives of these amazing creatures. This video will will first awe you with the sheer beauty of the ocean and life in it and then relax you in a way you cannot imagine. Enjoy!

The Ocean was active this morning with 6 sharks, a seal and a large ray all feeding on huge school of Salmon. Few young kids out surfing were only 30m from the action and advised to leave the water, which they did…..

Amazing response received from my footage, and humbled by some of the lovely comments. Many questions asked about the footage. I used a DJI Phantom 4 drone. Has 4K camera hence the amazing HD quality vision. DJI are world leaders in drone technology and their equipment is amazing even at the entry level drones. The application of drones for beach safety and shark mitigation is clearly evident by the footage. From land we had no idea (or the surfers) that there were 6 sharks, 2 large ones, in that huge school of salmon.

Posted by Brett Beswick on Monday, October 31, 2016

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