earth hour 2016

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Earth Hour, an initiative by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), is a movement to protect the planet and do our bit to prevent climate change. More than 7,000 cities in the world take part in it every year by switching off their lights for one hour. This year, Earth Hour was on March 19 from 8.30 to 9.30 pm. Various countries became a part of it by switching off their lights for doing their bit to ensure a sustainable world. Prominent monuments that are usually always lit were in complete darkness to show their support for this campaign. From Paris’s Eiffel Tower  to London’s Big Ben, the world celebrated Earth Hour with much gusto. We take a look at some of these prominent landmarks in various cities of the world. Also Read - Unlock Phase I in Rajasthan: Hotels, Restaurant, Clubs And Shopping Malls to Reopen From Monday | Details Here

1. Sydney Harbor, Australia

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  2. At-Taqwa Mosque, Indonesia



3. Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong

4. Cape Town, South Africa


5. Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain

6. Eiffel Tower, Paris


7. Sweden

8. Italy


9. London, UK

10. New York, USA

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