Though Diwali is meant to be celebrated with family and it is one of the most loved festivals in India, you won’t disagree to the fact that every year, we witness heavy smog after Diwali due to burning of crackers. This leads to claustrophobia and breathing issues. Would you like to celebrate a festival keeping your health and life at stake? No. right? Then why don’t you look for Diwali getaways to enjoy a clean and pollution-free celebration? Or you can also plan a trip to somewhere just after Diwali to prevent yourself from getting sick due to pollution. If you prefer a quiet celebration this Diwali, here are some of the serene places you can head toward this festive season.


Nestled in the Kumaon range in Uttarakhand, Nainital is also known as the ‘Lake District of India’. One of the most picturesque and serene places in the country, Nainital gives you the opportunity to indulge in various fun activities including parasailing, kayaking, horse riding, canoeing, rock climbing etc. Beautiful lakes and Naini peak in Nainital will give you a perfect getaway feeling.


Known for its beautiful snowcovered mountains and lush green forests, Manali is a gift of Himalayas. Located in the gorgeous Beas River Valley, this township is still cocooned in the old tradition and rich heritage. You can have a cozy conversation and enjoy the breezy morning in Manali.


Also known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is a paradise on earth. Situated in Karnataka, this beautiful hill station boasts of its misty landscape. If you are a nature lover, Coorg is one of the best places to visit for you. Its lush greenery and exotic scenes will surely make your day. You can enjoy various activities like trekking and rock climbing here in Coorg.