For those who love venturing out into the wild for overnight camping or trekking, there’s a fair amount of precaution that you must take so as to not be stuck in any kind of emergency. While courage is the most important thing you need with you, here’s a list that will ensure that you have a seamless experience. Also Read - How Travel Goes From Spontaneous to Luxurious As You Age

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While cooking simple meals while camping isn’t much of an ordeal, should there be any contingencies, be prepared with ready-to-consume foods. They can include packets of chips, biscuit, dried fruits, nuts and seeds and even chocolate or protein bars. These items have a high mass to calorie ratio, which can sustain you for along period of time. Also Read - Ultimate Checklist For When You're Travelling Abroad

Light and fire

Investing in a headlamp or a good quality torch light is of utmost importance especially if you like to wander after dark. Extra spare batteries and bulbs are a must have too. Also, you never know when you might have to light up a fire – incase of a bonfire or to cook a meal – so carry anything from good quality wax-coated matchsticks to a weather proof lighter.

Multi-purpose keychain 

A multi-function Swiss knife is the best thing you can carry about as a keychain. Helpful in all potential emergencies, the keychain comes with a tiny screw driver, tweezer, scissor, bottle opener and pen among other things. Remember to also hang a sturdy plastic whistle to it that can come in handy when you want to call out for help.

Rope and a compass

Always have a 5m long, 6 mm rope along with a compass in your backpack. They’re both invaluable when it comes to navigating back to a recognisable landmark safely.

Medical kit

Important stuff include water purifying tablets, pills for common ailments, small plaster roll, pain relief spray, mosquito repellent and toilet paper. Also carry extra packets of your prescribed medicines.