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Holi always brings to mind images of boisterous revelry. But in Udaipur, Holi spells class and elegance. Celebrated on the full moon night of the Hindu month of Phalgun, Holika Dahan marks the beginning of Holi celebration in India. It primarily is a celebration of the end of winter and arrival of spring, which, in most parts of India, is just summer. Of all the places in Rajasthan where this ritual is performed, the grandest one takes place at the City Palace complex in Udaipur. The royal family of the Mewar dynasty, keeping their annual tradition alive, embark on a stunning palace procession which begins at the Royal residence and goes up to Manek chowk. The brand ‘Eternal Mewar’ is a concept developed Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur and is the organizer of this annual royal event. Also Read - India's COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 109, Confirmed Cases Soar to 4,067- Top Developments

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The regal affair consists of the royal family members wearing their traditional attire followed by their staff, well co-ordinated with the beautifully decorated horses and the marvelous band which leads the procession. The elegant proceedings marked by royal etiquette  leads to the Holika, a pyre made of dried leaves and twigs, which represents demonic forces. It is lit on fire by the current custodian of the Mewar dynasty (the 76th) symbolizing the victory of the divine forces of good over evil.

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Holika Dahan is celebrated as part of the World Heritage Festival hosted in Udaipur which goes on from March 19 to 23. The festival includes cultural performances, folk dances, classical music concerts, retelling of mythological stories, recitals, exhibitions and walking tours. Passes for the event can be purchased from the Eternal Mewar website. It attracts several tourists from India as well as abroad every year.

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The Eternal Mewar Holika Dahan and the World Heritage festival make Rajasthan the best place to witness Holi celebrations in India. A fine mix of ethnicity, royal elegance and cultural traditions, the Eternal Mewar Holika Dahan is totally worth experiencing. It begins at 6 pm today.

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