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A stay in a hotel or resort is something most of us look forward to when we plan a vacation. Unless you are the backpacker kinds who’d rather be out all day and crash at any place for the night, for many, the comfort of a hotel room is quite high on the priority list of a holiday. Many also spend a bomb for the finest hotels that promise ample luxury. However, even the most luxurious hotel rooms are dirtier than you can imagine. You can get all the comfort in your room but a higher price does not always promise the highest standard of cleanliness. Here’s where all the dirt and germs are hidden in most hotel rooms. Also Read - India-China Ladakh Standoff: 'Situation Stable And Controllable, All Channels Open For Talks,' Says Beijing

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The curtains in most hotel rooms are seldom washed as they hardly look dirty. And so, you can imagine the dirt they accumulate over a given period of time. The good news is that most windows do not open in hotel rooms but the bad news is, these curtains are often touched by almost all guests when the close or open the blinds in the morning and night. Not just guests, even housekeeping staff touches them so the number of people who touch these curtains is extremely high.

Sofa, rugs and throw pillows

The additional things added to hotel rooms when you pay extra often include a sofa, study table and chair, rugs and throw pillows on the bed. These make you feel special and worth spending the extra money but note that they bring along germs. These house germs because they are not the cleanest part of the room. They are not washed very frequently but they often are touched by guests. People sit on the sofa, throw the pillows around and step on the rug many a times with shoes on. They pass on the germs to these spots and guest after guest uses them without any realization that these are a house of germs.

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The glasses kept in the room for drinking water are also one of the dirtiest things. They are almost always just rinsed with water and kept back in place for the next guest to use. They don’t really go in the dishwasher as they don’t look dirty and hence don’t require through cleaning. But you can imagine the number of people who must have drank water from the same glass and how dirty it really must be. If you have been drinking water from it, make sure you clean it on your own or ask for fresh ones and hope the next set is a clean one.


From shower curtains to bathroom floor and the wash basin, the bathroom is also a home for germs that increase with every guest. Only some parts of the bathroom are cleaned using cleaning products while others are often just dusted off or cleaned with water or a wet cloth. At times, housekeeping staff also uses the old towels left on the floor to clean them which is basically transferring your germs on these fittings before the next guest arrives. You can imagine the number of germs you can encounter just by using the bathroom.

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Now one thing that we love about hotel rooms are the comfy beds that are fluffy and just sink in. But unfortunately, they are not the cleanest of all. Hotel staff often has only a few hours between the check-in and check-out time of a guest and this period is used to clean and tidy up the room. In some cases, if the bedsheet does not look dirty, it is simply tucked back without changing it. Also, not everything is washed regularly. It is usually done after a few uses and not after every guest leaves. The duvet or blankets are seldom washed. Only the covers are changed. You can imagine what guests must have done before the sheets are finally washed.

In many hotels abroad, the cleaning staff is paid based on the number of rooms they clean and in order to make sure they clean more, they often compromise and do not always pay attention to everything. Your room may look inviting and clean but these are places where dirt and germs collect without you realizing.


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