New Delhi: The Indian Embassy in Turkey has issued an advisory to all Indians planning to visit Turkey in the festive season, asking them to exercise utmost caution.

“Government of India has been receiving queries from Indian nationals on travelling to Turkey in view of the situation in the region. Although there have been no reports of untoward incidents in the country so far involving Indian nationals, travellers are requested to exercise utmost caution while travelling to Turkey,” the Indian Embassy in Ankara tweeted.

Early this month, Turkey had announced that its military forces will enter north-eastern Syria. There are fears of terror attacks.

Meanwhile, the relationship between India and Turkey underwent rough weather as Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan supported Pakistan in its allegations against India over Article 370 and Kashmir issue.

India, too, expressed deep concerns over the military offensive taken by the Turkey government in north-east Syria.

However, there is no reason to raise a false alarm as no untoward incident has taken place so far involving any Indian. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), too, has issued travel advice to the European countries.

PM Narendra Modi was supposed to visit Turkey at the end of this month. but after Erdogan backed Pakistan at the Financial Action Task Force in Paris, PM cancelled his visit.

At the Financial Action Task Force meeting too, Turkey and Malaysia, along with China, have openly backed Pakistan

PM Modi’s trip to Ankara would have been his first stand-alone visit to Turkey. He was to have proceeded to Turkey from Saudi Arabia, where he is going on October 27-28 to attend a mega-investment summit.