siena italy

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The best way to explore any new place is to walk on its streets and take in the wonderful sights as you do so. The people. the vibe and the city’s architecture will tell you more about it than any guide book. This interactive video does exactly that. It gives you a walking tour of the beautiful city of Siena which is in Tuscany, Italy. Also Read - 11 Tremors in 3 Months Not Enough? Major Earthquake Likely to Hit Delhi-NCR Soon, Experts Predict Severe Destruction

Jacob walks around the city showing you the city’s quint streets and pathways as the camera follows him around. You will feel as if you are walking along with him. Don’t miss the interactive bit towards the end where you get to pick what you would like to explore next – a medieval church or a massive fortress. Select anyone and take a virtual walking tour of it once again with Jacob. Also Read - Watch Pasta Recipe: This is The Easiest Way to Cook Tomato Pasta at Home With Ingredients Available in Your Kitchen

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A hill town, Siena is known for its medieval brick buildings and is also home to the 14th century Torra del Mangia, a tower with a white crown from where you get a bird’s eye view of the city. Did you know it is also Italy’s most visited tourist attraction and its historic centre is a World Heritage Site as declared by UNESCO. Its museums, local cuisine and art scene has put Siena on the world map and draws lakhs of tourists every year. Explore it here in this video.