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Vacations are exciting especially when you have been working really hard and need a break from it all. However, is it not the worst feeling when you arrive at your destination all tired? Despite being super excited about your trip, your body refuses to let you get started on the first day. All you want to do is check into your hotel room and go off to sleep. This happens almost always because of uncomfortable seats and sleeping positions during journeys. You toss and turn all through the way and by the time you reach your destination, you feel as tired as you’d feel after a day’s hard work! Whether you are on a plane, in a bus or on a train, sleepless trips is quite common (unless you travel first class, of course). But now, thanks to an amazing and innovative travel gear, you can sleep like a baby even during your travels. Put your hands together for the Facecradle travel pillow! (ALSO SEE How to choose the perfect backpack for travelling?) Also Read - SPB vs BGR Vincy Premier T10 Cricket League Live Streaming Details: Fan Code When And Where to Watch Salt Pond Breakers vs Botanic Gardens Rangers Online, Latest Cricket Matches, Timings in India

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What is great about Facecradle travel pillow is that it has five sleep modes – regular neck pillows have just one.  While traditional neck pillows are designed to provide comfort when your head is vertical, FaceCradle Travel Pillow is designed in a way that it allows you to utilize the complete 180 degrees of space in and in front of your seat. Since we do not naturally sleep with our head in the vertical position, the traditional neck pillow does not provide us a comfortable position. The Facecradle pillow, however, provides several new positions that allow your head to get to horizontal which is similar to how you naturally sleep in bed.The pillow even has a “breath easy” position which replicates resting in a massage table. The mechanism allows for easy adjustment so you can instantly pack the pillow back to its default mode to allow those next to you to get out or for you to receive your meal/drink service.

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Facecradle travel pillow costs $59 AUD and you can pre-order from the Facecradle website. Products are estimated to start shipping this month.

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