People all over the world love to go on vacations, and why not? Travel is not only good for the soul but it gives one the chance to see places never seen before, meet different people and taste new cuisines. Many will have already made plans and booked tickets for a spring or summer break for this year, not knowing that a coronavirus pandemic is lurking around the corner waiting to turn their plans topsy-turvy. Also Read - GoAir to Open Booking From April 15 For Domestic Flights, From May 1 For International Flights

After the coronavirus outbreak, governments around the world decided to suspend both domestic and international travels, and had issued advisories to travel only if it is deemed necessary or if it is an emergency. In India, while the government is yet to make an announcement regarding operation of flights after the 21 days lockdown, some airlines have said that they will open bookings from April 15 for domestic and from May 1 for international flights. Also Read - It's Not 2 Metres! Coronavirus Can Travel Up to 8 Metres & Stay in Air For Hours, Says MIT Researcher

It would be a put off if after having made plans and booking the tickets you would have to cancel, but with the situation in most places not likely to get back to normal before May or June this year, it would be better if the trip is postponed. If you are still set on going on the trip, here are some things you could consider before you embark on your journey. Also Read - China's Coronavirus-hit Hubei Province Begins Domestic Flights

What is The COVID-19 Situation Like Where You Are Going?

It would be better to know beforehand if the area you are visiting is free from coronavirus or not. If an area reported infection, you are more likely to get infected there than if you stay at home. You could be at risk of getting exposed to the virus if the area you are visiting is frequented by tourists and is crowded. If you are not sure about the situation, check your destination’s local health department website for more information.

Would You be Able to Avoid Crowded Places?

Wherever you have to travel, you would require some form of transport like a plane, train or bus. At a time when social distancing is the need of the hour, avoiding crowded places or any kind of commercial transport is important as you won’t known who is infected with the virus.

Would Your Family be at Risk if You Contract COVID-19 During Your Travels?

You could put your household at risk if you come back from the trip infected with coronavirus, and it could prove fatal for older adults and anybody suffering from severe chronic medical conditions if they too are infected.

Could You Spread COVID-19 in The Area Where You Live?

You need to consider that there is a high possibility of you carrying the coronavirus back to your area and putting other people at risk of infection. You could be infected with the virus and not display any symptoms and end up spreading the disease to others around you when you return from your trip.

If you have booked your flight and hotel tickets already, do not panic, as most airlines, hotels and other travel companies have relaxed their cancellation policies to accommodate travellers during the pandemic.