India is a country that will never cease to impress people with the varied places and cultures that it boasts of. Choosing the best among the numerous varied beautiful destinations that India has is definitely a difficult task. From snow-clad peaks, to scenic locations and picturesque landscapes, there is a lot you can explore in this culturally diverse country. Taking a long vacation with family in these days always seems like a distant dream. Sometimes working professionals do not get holidays, students can’t miss classes or a housewife gets too caught in her daily routine leaving each of them with very little time to take a break and go on a vacation with family. If you too belong to the same category and want to take a break, you should it right now. If you feel like it has been ages since you even planned a vacation, why not start getting on to do some planning right away. And when it comes to exploring family holiday destinations, India is the perfect country. India is blessed with numerous vacation places that have a piece of everything from adventure to nature for every kind of traveler. We have listed down some of the best family holiday destinations for you that you should explore before this year comes to an end. Who doesn’t’ love family vacations? We all do right! Also Read - Karnataka Revises COVID-19 Guidelines For Home Isolation - Here Are The New Rules

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India’s capital Delhi has always been one of the top tourist destinations for people living in India and also outside. The capital city has a lot to offer for tourists. And if you do not want to explore an International destination or rather don’t have too much time on your hands, then you must definitely consider visiting Delhi. Delhi is filled with museums, magnificent monuments, vibrant gardens and also several amusement parks. Delhi is divided into two parts- The Old Delhi and the New Delhi. Old Delhi stands true to its name and you will see narrow lanes that give you glimpse of the Mughal era here. However New Delhi built by the British is pretty spacious and has beautiful avenues flanked by a line of trees. Delhi is popular not just for the rich history of various empires that once ruled this city but is also well known for rich and diverse cultures. This is a perfect destination for family holidays. From bustling markets to delicious eating corners, there is a lot that you can experience with your family. A heritage walk in Delhi is a must do. Your folks and all the elders of the family are sure to love this experience.

Delhi also has some really stunning attractions like Qutub Minar, Red fort, Humayun’s Tomb and the famous India Gate among several others. And because it is also home to three World Heritage Sites, there is no doubt that taking a family vacation in Delhi is not a bad idea at all. You also do not have to really worry about the accommodation since there is no dearth of the same. From budget to luxurious, you will find all kinds of accommodation options suiting your needs and budget. For a day picnic you can also visit the beautiful Lodi Garden that is a favorite spot for kids and families. Another attraction is the National Zoological Park that is an absolute delight and paradise for wildlife lovers. Before your return from Delhi, also make sure that you do some shopping since the streets o Delhi sell some really beautiful clothes at very affordable prices. The affordable prices however come only if you have bargaining skills. For heritage walks or some history and architectural marvels, Old Delhi is where you should be. And to experience a city life along with some places of interest, explore New Delhi. Both these places are equally beautiful and carry a distinct charm. Do not forget to visit the famous Chandni Chowk to get a real experience of Delhi and its culture and way of living.

Best time to visit Delhi: August to February is when you should visit Delhi.

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View to Old Jaipur city sight

Jaipur is one of the biggest cities of Rajasthan. And also being the capital, Jaipur sees thousands of tourists every year. Popularly called as the Pink city, this city is popular and well known for its historical monuments and also the vibrant and every bustling market that sell some of the best handloom products of the country. The lavishly spaced out gardens are also another attraction that you will be treated to on your trip. If it has been long since you went out for a short vacation with your family, then make no more delays and head out to Jaipur for a fun-filled trip. Jaipur is a part of the Golden Triangle with Delhi and also Agra. Jaipur attracts not only domestic tourists but also tourist from all over the world. If you and your family loves architecture and all monuments that look majestic beautiful, Jaipur will definitely not cease to impress you. The city will give you a glimpse of how the Royals might have lived here in those times.

If the many tourist attractions in Jaipur, some of the best and the must visit ones are the Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh fort, Chokhi Dhani, Johri Bazaar and also the stunning city Palace. The Hawa Mahal is well known for its intricate architecture and the history attached to it. It is said that Hawa Mahal has small windows that were built in those times for the women who were not allowed to be seen in public. So these windows helped the women of the household to view the many festivities without coming outside. Just like this stunning monument has an interesting history, the other architectural marvels also have a story behind it. You should bring your family here and let them experience the royal life. For accommodation, if you can afford, you must stay in any of their famous hotel palaces. Though they cost a lot, it definitely is worth your money. You could also consider hiring a local guide so that you do not miss out on any beautiful places of interest of Jaipur. If you have a lot of time on your hands you can also explore the Chowki Dhani to experience the authentic Rajasthani culture.

Best time to visit Jaipur: The best time to visit Jaipur is from November to February when the climate is pleasant. Avoid visiting Jaipur during summers because the heat can get a tad unbearable.



Now Agra doesn’t really need an introduction. It is home to one of the world’s most beautiful monuments- The Taj Mahal that was built as an epitome of love. One of the main reasons why people flock to Agra is to see the breathtaking view of the Taj Mahal. Also Agra being a part of the Golden Tourism, there are several other tourist attractions in Agra that you must visit. A trip to Agra with family is something that you should do once. Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri and the many beautiful markets of Agra are the other places of interest that you must explore on your trip to this beautiful place. Agra also has played a very significant role in forming India’s history. From Mahabharata to the epic Mughal dynasty, Agra has played a very important role. If you do plan to visit Agra, the Taj Mahal specifically, let us tell you that it closed on Fridays for visitors. Thus plan your trip accordingly.

The monuments of Agra are also a display of the brilliant architecture of those times. It shows how much the rulers loved art and buildings. Another fascinating fact about Agra is that it is a city that has always welcomed people from different faiths and culture. Agra is also home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Visit the city of love with your family and take a break from the city chaos. Apart from all that beautiful attractions that we mentioned, you could also take out some time to visit beautiful other attractions like the Akbar’s tomb, Metab Bagh that is a moonlit garden, Mankameshwar Mandir for the believers and finally Kinari Bazaar. Kinari Bazaar is for all those who love shopping and want to take memories from their Agra trip back home. The Bazaar remains open from 11 am to 9 pm. From jewelry to clothes, spices and footwear, name it and you get them all.

For accommodation Agra has plethora of options. Being one of the biggest tourist destinations of India, you will find hotels ranging from mid-budget to luxurious. Avoid booking a room in the low budget hotels since we do not really know how safe they can be. Otherwise, accommodation in Agra is comfortable and will come well within your budget.

Best time to visit Agra: Anytime between October and March is the best time to visit Agra.


beas river manali

Manali situated in the summer capital of India, Himachal Pradesh is one of the best destinations that is deal for a family vacation. Nestled beautifully in the lap of Himalayas, Manali is a hill station that many people prefer visiting to escape the city chaos and heat. It gives the much needed respite from the hectic schedules of routine life. Manali is one of those very few places of India that is blessed with scenic nature, picturesque landscapes and absolutely untouched environs that usually happens because of too many visitors. A stay in Manali is sure to give you peace and solitude and your family will definitely love the views that they will be treated to. And if you or your family loves adventure, Manali is going to be paradise for you. Manali has several adventure activities like paragliding, river rafting, skiing, mountaineering and even water crossing that is also one of the many reasons why this quaint hill station is so famous. Now if you have made up your mind about a Manali vacation, make sure to add Solang Valley and the Rohtang Pass in your itinerary. They are two of the most popular tourist attractions of the region. You can also explore the Jana Falls and Jogini waterfalls that are sure to leave you awe struck. The view of the water cascading from a great height and touching down is sight to behold.

If you have a family of religious believers, Manali is going to be pure delight for them as well. Apart from the adventure activities and the many scenic places, Manali has also been famous for its temples that are display brilliant architecture. The Hadimba temple is one of the most famous temples that see many devotees visiting seeking blessings. Manu Temple and Vashisth Temple are two of the other temples that you can visit with your family. While your family will be busy worshiping and offering their prayers, you can walk around looking at the mesmerizing architecture of these temples. The intricate wooden carvings and majestic doorways is a sight you will love.

Best time to visit Manali: Manali can be explored all through the year. During summers if you visit this hill station, you will get respite from the heat back home and if you want to experience snow then you mist visit anytime from October to January.



If you are looking to a quiet fun-filled vacation by the beaches, there is no better place than Goa that is the only best beach destination of India. Goa may be a tiny state but it definitely is one of the best places for a family vacation. Yes, Goa is known for wild parties and the endless night life, but it also has a side to it that caters to families. That’s where the beaches and historical monuments come into picture. The beaches of Goa attract vacationers not only from India but from all around the world. You can relax by the beach and just enjoy the views of the waves and the stunning sunsets. Baga Beach also has some really exciting water sports that you can take up of you love adventure. Else you could just take a walk on the beach and relish some really delicious seafood that is served at the shacks. Known to be as the land of sun, sand and sea, your trip to Goa will indeed be a memorable one since nobody has ever returned from Goa. This place has piece of everything for any kind of traveler from couples to families. The other alluring beaches of Goa that are also popular are Anjuna beach, Candolim beach and also Calangute beach. (ALSO READ Top five beaches of Goa) Arambol, Vagator, and Morjim are also the other stunning beaches of Goa. You could also take your family to the famous pubs and clubs to show them the hip life of Goa. For accommodation, there are many resorts and also beach resorts that offer breathtaking views. They all are very budget friendly and thus you don’t really have to pay a bomb to stay at a good place.

Best time to visit Goa: You can visit Goa anytime between October and March. Avoid visiting Goa during peak seasonssince that is when Goa is super crowded. And on a vacation that is something you wouldn’t prefer.

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Another great destination is Munnar that you can visit with your family. Situated in God’s own Country, Kerala, you don’t need to have any doubts about the beauty of this place. A quaint hill station, Munnar is popular for its tea plantations, tranquil environs and the scenic beauty of nature. It has everything that a vacationer will look for. For a quiet and peaceful time with your family, Munnar is where you should be. You can spend quality time with them and have conversations over a cup of coffee. And for those who want some adventure, you can also indulge in activities like paragliding, trekking, cycling and also boating. Boating experience in Munnar will treat you to spectacular views of nature, an experience that you won’t get in city. Do not miss out on visiting the tea factory where you will be shown the whole process of tea making. The natural beauty of the stunning valleys, rolling misty hills, and the dense forests with cascading waterfalls is sure to spell its magic on you.

Munnar is also home to some of the best resorts and hotels where a nights stay is also enough to gift you with a lifelong memory. Visit this beautiful place with your family and stay in charming resorts that have some really good views. Your experience here is surely going to be a memorable and rejuvenating one.

Best time to visit Munnar: The best time to visit Munnar is any time between September to May when the climate is really soothing.

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